How to Kiss Someone and Make Them Beg for More

One of the most intimidating feelings in the world has got to be the “Oh no…we’re kissing! Now what?”

This is a moment a lot of us can relate to. You’ve had your eye on someone for a while. A moment finally happens (maybe you even try some of our “Get him to kiss you” strategies. Now that you are kissing, you’re feeling a little shy or hesitant. What does he like? What if you do it wrong? What if he has all these great expectations of you and you disappoint him?

Sadly, some guys do measure a relationship’s full potential based on one kiss. There is good news though—when it comes to kissing, most guys like the same thing! Whether they’re shy guys, experienced and extroverted guys, or even billionaire playboy types, all men respond well to the “perfect kiss”. So let’s discuss what a perfect kiss feels like and then share eight tips on how to make them beg for another and another!

1. Make sure your mouth, lips and nose are prepared!

While many dismiss this first step, it’s very much a concern if you’re kissing someone for the first time. Men are expecting fresh breath and soft lips. You can prepare in advance by brushing, keeping hydrated and sucking on a mint prior to the kiss. Lip balm can keep your lips from being too dry or cracking. Lastly, learn to breathe through your nose for longer sessions of kissing without having to break it up for air!

2. Slow it down and learn to linger.

Too many people rush through the kiss, either because they think they want to fast-forward to sex, or because maybe deep down they’re nervous about it. But kissing is fun! Don’t ever think that your partner will get bored if you slow things down. Slowing your kiss down allows you to experiment with different lip combinations and rhythms. For instance, kissing his upper lip or lower lip. You can even use your teeth to gently nibble on his lip when things get intense.

3. Use your hands.

Kissing is a lip-thing right? Actually, the strongest emotions we feel during a kiss come from other parts of the body that you use while kissing. One of the best ways to stimulate your partner’s lust is to use your hands. All you have to do is wrap your arms around his waist, or his neck or shoulders. You can even put your hands on his face or head if you really want to make the kiss intense. Some girls really like the sensation of running their fingers through a man’s hair. You can pull him closer to you or push him farther away (right before bringing him back for more!) Some adventurous women even use their fingernails.

It’s safe to say that if you want to make the kiss special, use your imagination and make the kiss more than just a “lip-service” activity.

4. Think outside the lips too.

Sure, it’s fun to experiment with a variety of lip kisses. But as the kiss grows more intense, you have every reason to experiment with face kisses and neck kisses. You can use your lips, teeth or your tongue to explore all the contours of his face. Don’t forget his chin, his cheeks, his neck and even his ears! One of the sexiest sensations a man has is a woman nibbling his earlobe and whispering sweet nothings to him.

5. Master the French kiss by applying what you learned about lip kisses to your tongue.

French kisses are great but sometimes we over-use them, thinking that more (and faster) tongue is better. On the contrary, French kisses work better when you very slowly introduce the tongue and when you start with just the tip. Explore his tongue and let him explore yours. Gently suck on his tongue and let him do the same. As time passes, massage his tongue and start a rhythm of movement. Then, switch that rhythm up for a more intense sensation.

6. Try to aim for this special G-spot of the mouth!

Maybe G-spot is over-selling it, but that’s what a lot of people call this very small area inside the mouth that has extra nerve endings, and when licked, gets your guy excited and begging for more. This area is the roof of his mouth, which you can reach by flicking your tongue. This is yet another example of using your tongue in a variety of ways rather than just wrestling with the other tongue.

7. Hum while you kiss.

It may not occur to you to make noise during an intense kiss but that’s the exact stimulation your guy needs to keep things going. While there’s nothing wrong with silence during an intense kiss, it feels much sexier to him and you when you hum. Humming not only shows you’re excited but it also causes your mouth to vibrate, which for many is yet another pleasurable sensation. You can also vary the sensation by changing the power, pitch and pace of your gumming. Higher pitches have faster vibrations whereas lower pitches have slower ones.

8. Remember the after-kiss care.

Good kissing is an intense experience so make sure you give him the right attitude afterward to boost his confidence. End the kiss slowly then look him in the eyes. Smile and keep your arms around him and your body is close proximity to his. While it might feel natural to giggle, he will be even more mesmerized if you can stay in that “sexual” state, letting him know you want more and you’re entirely comfortable with him in an intimate setting.

The secret to kissing intensely and make him want more is to simultaneously let him take the lead, (since men love to play the dashing hero) while being a very supportive follower and complementing his own kissing techniques. It’s easy to learn, very fun to practice, and very much an in-the-moment sort of thing. Let him feel your intense emotions in every kiss!

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