How to Make Out with a Guy and Blow His Mind

Making out and necking are perhaps the least appreciated parts of sex. Everyone enjoys the first kiss. The foreplay is intense and the sex is awesome…

But what about the make out session? It’s unfortunately the most rushed part of any encounter. But like the kiss, and the French kiss, the slower the pacing of a make out session with your date, the more pleasurable and memorable it will be for him.

Let’s consider nine tips on how to make that moment AFTER a good kiss just as exciting as what follows.

1. Keep things natural and real.

Don’t end the make out session because you’re nervous or want to escape the scene. It’s okay to blush, fidget or swoon a little bit because you’re experiencing sexual tension. Most men are not turned off by this. They’re flattered! Now this gives him the opportunity to be stronger and more confident. He will want to relax you, calm you and take things slow. Part of keeping things natural means observing his movements and then complementing them. Lean in to kiss him when he goes to kiss you. If he slows down, slow down with him and smile at him, letting him know you’re ready.

2. Touch him generously during a make out session.

By now you’ve experimented with platonic touching and now it’s time to fire it up a notch. Men love to be touched while kissing and necking. Petting refers to cuddling, caressing and embracing in a sexual way. Wrap your arms around him while kissing. Stroke his chest or his arm. You could even touch his knee area or thigh, letting him know just how much you crave his body. Which brings us to #3…

3. Tease him. Relentlessly.

The real “art” of seduction and the key to a perfect make out session is to tease him more than anything. Don’t rush into foreplay, which is honest-to-goodness sex. You’re not ready to grab his penis or shove your chest in his face. Right now he wants to be teased. Even if that’s not what he asks for, believe me, that’s what he wants! So think more about long kisses and then a slow gradual release. Think about kissing and licking his neck, waiting for him to peak and then stopping. Look him in the eye as you kiss him again, starting over and then stopping again, right as you give him a taste of what’s to come in foreplay.

This is a brilliant strategy because it makes him desire foreplay. It makes him want to progress to a new step, or a new “boundary”, rather than just lunging into it. (And if you head into foreplay or sex too fast, he may even get cold feet)

4. Take time out to compliment him.

Just as effective as the tease is the intense, breathless compliment. Tell him what you’re most attracted to, such as the way he kisses, or his handsome face, or deep soulful eyes. If you can say it in a natural, “breathless” tone of voice it’ll be even better and more exciting for him.

As the making out continues, add a little sighing and moaning into the mix to send him into maximum overdrive. Use his name in the heat of the moment if you really want to see him excited!

5. Put the necking back into necking!

Necking is too often seen as a prelude to breast foreplay. Men may not realize the potential of the neck, but now you do! You can drive a man crazy by focusing more loving attention on his neck. Not only speaking of his Adam’s apple, and his nape, but even that area in between his ear and his shoulder. This tendon is very sensitive and will really make him come alive in a make out session if you give him some gentle nibbles and kisses.

6. Encourage plenty of hair pulling!

Slightly tight hair pulling activates your man’s nerve endings underneath the skin, leading to a more intense feeling. Don’t over use this technique but do use it, right as your passionate kisses reach a peak of anticipation. He might try to pull your hair and when he does, take him close and kiss him with all your gusto.

7. Flaunt the body you know he wants, even if it’s just a sneak peak.

Don’t assume you’re ready for full blown sex yet (and if there’s a doubt, don’t do it!). But just because this is a make out session only doesn’t mean teasing is out of the equation. Treat him to a flash of skin since you know that’s what he’s fantasizing about. Don’t hide your cleavage if he’s getting hot and heavy with kisses. Let him stare at your breasts or your legs. Just because you’re delaying actual sex and foreplay until a later date doesn’t mean you can leave him with a sexy image in his mind’s eye.

If you’re really feeling feisty you might unbutton a couple of buttons so that your bra shows, or lift your skirt just to give him a hint of your panties. This is, after all, a make out session and not a respectable formal “date”!

But as always, stop him from going all the way to foreplay—even if he begs! The tease is one way to keep him interested for the long-term.

8. Allow him a mini-grope.

When it comes to light petting and foreplay, many women feel that a little grope is reasonable, since that’s what he’s thinking about and that’s what he wants the most. By depriving him completely, you’re sending him the message of “No, you don’t approve!”. But by letting him touch your breasts or butt for just a few seconds, you’re sending him the message, “I like this too…but now isn’t the right time.”

In short, if he wants all of you “unlimited” then he has to pursue you harder and more persistently. He’s working harder for your intimacy and trust and that’s what he wants.

9. Finally, tantalize him with an erotic finger suck.

The finger-suck is a pre-foreplay move that’s very underrated. Most guys will focus on the obvious blow-job connotations and rightly so. But did you know that if you tongue the webbed area at the base of his fingers, and lick your way up, you’ll actually stimulate a very sensitive erogenous zone?

As you can see, a great make out session is not about rushing into something, but delaying giving him what he wants. He loves the tease and is willing to work for what he desires the most.

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