Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him.

Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him

It’s true – sometimes waiting a couple of days can change our feelings and perceptions about a person or kiss. What we feel in the moment, like after a first kiss or long makeout session, can seem a little distant later on when trying to figure out if it meant anything.

If we have time to think stuff over we may realize that passion was interfering with our logical mindset. For example, was the guy looking at you while kissing you?

That’s why it’s important to take note of what a man does in the days following that first kiss as it can give insight into what the guy is thinking when he kisses you and what he mean when kissing you. He may show positive signs right after the kiss, but what about in the days following the kiss?

Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him (And That He Wants to Kiss Again!)

The best way to determine that the kiss was special to him is to look for the signs that he still remembers the experience vividly and wants to see you again. It’s important to know signs the kiss meant something to him. Let’s explore more signs that the kiss meant something to him:

1. The kiss felt slower than usual.

Fast and rough kisses are kind of hot, sure…but also suspicious for a first date. If he’s really in love with you, why rush things to a climactic finish? Why wouldn’t he savor the moment by slowing things down and just being there with you, in this epic memory?

In contrast, when a man slows down the kiss and you can tell he is smitten with you, it’s a wonderful feeling. He never wants this memory to end. He doesn’t want the kiss to end. He wants to remember you, this moment, this capsule in time.

Slow kisses are the best! A slow kiss is a clear sign that he wants to take his time and fully experience the connection he feels with you. It indicates that the kiss was not just a fleeting moment but a meaningful and memorable experience for him.

2. No alcohol or drugs before the kiss!

Let’s be honest and admit that kisses resulting from alcohol or any other legal or illegal drugs are not THAT big of a deal. When your inhibitions are lowered, you take more chances and a kiss is less personal. You might even do something uncharacteristic. So yeah, it’s more like a dare to kiss after a few drinks.

So if the kiss happens naturally, whether spontaneously or planned, you already get some bonus points for that. And yes, the guy is into you if he took a real chance, if he worked up the courage to give you a moment of sincere emotion and passion. That’s truly something special that the two of you experienced.

A genuine and sober kiss holds more weight than one influenced by external factors. It’s a real kiss that signifies that he wanted to share a genuine moment of connection with you, unaffected by substances or altered states. It shows that he values the authenticity of the experience.

3. You both got quiet after the kiss, and maybe a little giddy.

Don’t assume that getting quiet or feeling awkward with your partner is a bad thing. Usually, we don’t come up with snappy things to say or create cinematic banter worthy of a Rob Reiner film. The truth is real life and kissing is sometimes awkward.

But what matters is that you’re experiencing this rush of emotion and red blushing together! That’s what makes it fun, interesting, sexy, and romantic!

There is such a thing as “good quiet” and “bad quiet.” Bad quiet is marked by mismatched energy. He’s quiet and very low-key energy. You can tell by his facial expressions and posturing. Your high energy level falls, the more you realize he’s unhappy.

But good quiet means you match each other. You’re both giddy, self-conscious, feeling awkward, and most of all, very interested in kissing again!

The quietness that follows the kiss can be a positive sign if it’s accompanied by a sense of mutual excitement and giddiness. It indicates that both of you are processing the intensity of the moment and feeling a connection. The silence becomes a shared experience, building anticipation for future interactions.

4. He feels more connected with you – and protective of you after kissing!

When a guy is starting to fall for you after a kiss, he will become more attracted to you and much more giving. He will give more of his time, attention, and resources (even if this is just his knowledge or humor, not necessarily money) to show he’s serious about you.

He feels closer to you and wants a deeper connection. The kiss was the start of something amazing, and the romance is just beginning. During this time, the guy also becomes more protective of you, essentially reminding everyone that the two of you are dating. He is proud to call you his partner and is certainly not shy about singing it to the world.

After the kiss, you may notice that he becomes more invested in your well-being and displays a heightened sense of protectiveness. The guy wants to take care of you and ensure your happiness. This shows that the kiss sparked a deeper emotional connection and he values your presence in his life. These are all obvious signs that the kiss meant something to him.

5. You actually don’t want to brag about the kiss to anyone.

Funny thing about drunk kisses, while we’re on that subject. When a kiss means nothing to you, or when it was an accident, you usually tell your closest friends or relatives about it. You might even talk about it publicly, or on an appropriate forum, like Ask Reddit, but with the names hidden.

Point is, we learn from our mistakes, and it’s not a big deal to admit you kissed someone and that nothing came of it. (Or even a fling) It’s trivial, it’s just something interesting to share.


When you kiss a guy you like, it’s actually more of a scandalous secret. You’re afraid of announcing it too soon. You’re afraid to come on too strong and scare him away, or maybe you don’t want to invest emotionally in something that could be iffy.

Worse yet, it actually hurts you to think that this kiss was nothing…that this amazing kiss was an accident and there’s no real chemistry with this guy.

Why? Because that means the kiss really did mean something! You sensed something special, and he probably did too. The kiss was unexpected and amazing. The chemistry is actually so powerful that it changes the entire energy of the friendship. You treat each other differently and interact differently – this time with attraction and passion in the air.

When the kiss is special, you really do feel it, and it becomes your biggest secret – the one you want to protect until you know for sure that the kiss meant something to him too.

A truly meaningful kiss holds a sense of secrecy and vulnerability. You may find yourself wanting to savor the moment and keep it private because it carries a significant emotional weight for you. The fear of revealing the intensity too soon and the desire to protect the potential connection make it a secret you cherish.

6. He is eager to go out again.

Finally, let’s give credit to the guy who’s willing to be honest and speak his heart. If he is quick to tell you that the kiss was special, or that he really enjoyed your date, that’s a telling sign that it meant something. Even if the guy is too shy or cautious to say it outright, you can gauge how much he enjoyed the kiss by how enthusiastic he is about the next date.

A guy who wants to see you again and who wants your attention after the first kiss is definitely still feeling attraction. His eagerness to plan future outings and spend more time together indicates that the kiss left a lasting impression on him. He genuinely wants to explore the connection further and see where it may lead.

Don’t get too psyched out by the idea of a perfect kiss. There are always ways to improve your kissing technique, which I’ve blogged about before, like in my article on how to get a guy to kiss you. But don’t assume that if your kiss is imperfect or you make a giggling mistake, it’s the end of a relationship.

A man who likes you is more interested in connecting with you and getting to know you than he is in experiencing perfection when kissing. Cherish the moment of discovery, not the fantasy. Remember, the true value of a kiss lies in the emotional connection and feelings it ignites and the potential it holds for building a meaningful relationship.

By paying attention to these signs and understanding their significance, you can gain insights into whether a kiss meant something special to him. Use these cues to navigate your budding romance and enjoy the journey of discovering genuine connection and affection.

Indeed, figuring out whether that kiss was as meaningful to him as it was to you can be nerve-wracking. But don’t worry – there are several other signs that you can look out for to gauge his feelings.

7. Body language can be telling before and after the kiss.

Look out for his body language immediately after the kiss. Did he pull away rapidly, or did he linger a bit, savoring the moment of the kiss? Did his eyes shine with delight, or did they look indifferent? When a man feels strongly about someone, his body language often gives him away. He might unconsciously touch his lips, mirroring the spot you kissed, or hold your gaze longer than usual.

8. He tries to initiate more physical contact when kissing you.

If a guy is genuinely interested in you after a kiss, he will likely seek out more physical contact. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will try to initiate another kiss immediately, but he may touch your arm, your back, or even your face tenderly. This is a sign that he wants to maintain that physical connection with you, indicating that the kiss meant something special to him. If you feel him moving closer and leaning in close, this is a sign the kiss meant something to him.

9. He compliments you after the kiss.

One of the surest signs that the kiss meant something to him is if he compliments you right after it. He might tell you how amazing the kiss was, how he loved the way you tasted, or simply how beautiful you are. Compliments after a kiss show that he genuinely enjoyed kissing and appreciated being able to share the moment with you.

10. He talks about the future.

If he starts talking about future plans with you after the kiss, this is a great sign that the kiss was meaningful to him. The guy might mention future dates, activities he’d like to do together, or even shared dreams and goals. It shows that he sees you in his future, and that’s not something a man does unless he’s seriously interested.

11. He gets more personal.

When a guy feels a deeper connection with you after a kiss, he might start to open up more about his life, feelings, and thoughts. He might tell you about his dreams, fears, or childhood memories, showing that he trusts you and wants to build a deeper bond with you.

12. He checks in on you.

After the kiss, if he regularly texts or calls to see how your day is going, it’s an indication that he cares about you and wants to keep in touch. This type of communication indicates that the guy values your presence in his life and wants to keep building on what you’ve already started together.

13. His friends know about you.

If his friends are aware of your existence and your relationship with him, that’s a good sign. It shows that the guy has been talking about you, which typically means he’s been thinking about you. Plus, if his friends are friendly and welcoming, it’s a good indicator that he’s serious about you.

14. He remembers the details.

Does he remember small details from the moment you shared the kiss? Perhaps he mentions the song that was playing in the background, or he recalls a funny thing you said just before the kiss. This means he was fully present during the kiss and treasured the moment.

15. He’s willing to wait.

If a guy is willing to take things slow and is not pushing for more physical intimacy immediately, it shows that he respects you and values the emotional connection you’re building. It’s a sign that the kiss wasn’t just a physical thing for him but rather, a step towards a deeper bond.

In conclusion, a man’s actions after a kiss can reveal a lot about his feelings towards you. Pay attention to these signs to understand whether the kiss meant something to him. Remember, it’s not just about one singular kiss or word but the cumulative effect of his behavior towards you that reveals his true feelings. And while it’s normal to overanalyze things, sometimes, it’s best to trust your instincts. If you feel like the kiss was special, chances are, it was special for him too.

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