How to Get a Guy to Date You.

How to Get a Guy to Date You

Meeting a guy who feels unbelievably perfect for you can be an amazing experience, but it can be difficult to know when to move forward from friendship into something more or communicate your feelings if you’re worried about whether he will reciprocate.

I often talk about how to ask a guy out without getting rejected, but of course, some of us lack confidence and might find it impossible to make the first move if we’re struggling with anxiety.

The good news is that if you don’t yet know how to get the courage to ask a guy out, there are many ways to show him your interest and emotions and pave the way for a bright future together.

Focus on Two-Way Conversations

One of the top reasons a guy doesn’t catch on that you like him is that your relationship feels a little one-sided, so if you find your chats always circle around you, make sure you’re asking good questions and getting him to really engage in your conversations.

There are endless things you can ask, such as, “what was the best thing that happened today?” or, “what are you looking forward to?”

Open-ended questions are easy to answer and give the guy you like the opportunity to talk about his thoughts and opinions, which helps you get to know him better.

Be Confident, Interested, and Authentic

We all feel flattered when someone makes a concerted effort to connect and get to know us. Still, it’s equally important you ask meaningful, interesting questions so your conversation doesn’t feel like an interrogation!

It’s also important to be truly present and show that you’re a confident, articulate woman choosing to spend her time talking with this guy. You can use practical things such as deep breathing to calm your nerves, wear an outfit you feel amazing in, and steer clear of wobbly heels if you’re meeting in person, all of which contribute to greater self-esteem and a relaxed feel.

Trying too hard to impress can be intimidating and come across as a bit false, so being confident in your own skin is a breath of fresh air.  

Avoid Playing Games

Guys are attracted to women for countless reasons, but if they perceive that a woman isn’t serious, is playing mind games, or following a set of ‘dating rules’ they don’t understand, it can be a major distraction.

Spending time with someone who says what they mean and means what they say, is genuine, honest, and open is refreshing and shows that you know what you have to offer and aren’t interested in pretending to be unattainable.

If the guy you like is destined to be your partner, you might have to spend some time building a rapport and sharing your personality and life goals, but anything that seems forced can have the opposite effect.

My advice, if you want to ensure a guy knows you’d love to go on a date or would like to know how to ask a guy out without getting rejected, is to be exactly who you are and let your interests, passions, and character shine!

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