How To Get Your Crush to Ask You Out.

How To Get Your Crush to Ask You Out

If you’re unsure how to ask out a guy or would prefer he makes the first move, the best way to get the date invite you’re hoping for is to think about any potential reason he might perceive that you aren’t interested or available.

Effectively communicating your attraction can be a great alternative if you are worried about how to ask a guy out without getting rejected or can’t seem to get a read on his feelings.

1. Make It Clear You Are Single

Of course, if you’ve known a guy for a while or met through an online dating site, he should be aware that you’re available. However, that isn’t always the case, particularly if you’ve met through friends or work.

Thinking ‘should I ask him to hang out’ rather than being direct about wanting a date? I’d recommend you take a slightly different route, partly because ‘hanging out’ can mean different things to different people and partly because you want to avoid ending up in the friend zone.

Subtle hints about your relationship status provide clarity and mean a guy who likes you won’t avoid asking you out for fear that you already have a partner or boyfriend.

2. Give Him Confidence You’ll Say Yes

Men can wrestle with nerves, self-confidence, and anxiety just as much as women, and if your crush thinks you might reject him, he’s unlikely to be willing to put his heart on the line. You don’t need to be overly obvious, but showing an interest in his life, talking about interests or hobbies you share, or even sharing jokes, funny things about your day, or making up a cute nickname can make him feel special and appreciated.

If he doesn’t seem to realize that you like him, you might need to be clearer, as some guys can be oblivious, and flirting (no matter how expertly done) doesn’t always work. In this situation, a direct hint about wishing you could meet someone like him is hard for anybody to misunderstand!

3. Use the Power of Body Language

Body language isn’t a secret art, nor is it hard to learn because we all respond without thinking to things that make us feel excited, happy, attractive, and energized. A little conscious body language can work just as well, if not better, than obvious flirting, which some guys find off-putting, or which could be inappropriate depending on the setting where you socialize.

Making eye contact when you talk, smiling when you see them, leaning in to pay attention to their words, or touching their hand when they tell you a funny joke are subtle ways to express your emotions and are normally things our subconscious will pick up on, even if we aren’t aware of it.

4. Share Details About You

If you’ve established a bond with a guy, making it as easy as possible for him to ask you on a date is a good idea. Dropping hints, and doing the heavy lifting for him, can pave the way for a date invitation, where he knows you’ll want to go and are likely to say yes.

There could be a new movie release you’re eager to see, a restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at, a sport or event you’d love to go to, or any other potential date setting. You’ve essentially done the hard work, so he can ask if you’d like to go together and never needs to know that your subtle hint was exactly that.

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