What Are Some Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend?

What Are Some Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend?

Talking dirty can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, these steamy conversations can bring a lot of heat into your relationship. And it doesn’t have to involve really dirty texts to send your boyfriend—unless you’re both into that, of course. It can be “innocent,” too, like talking about what you want to do or describing the sexy things you’re wearing. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to talk to a guy over the phone, text, or social media, and help you spice up your partnership.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend

A lot of women wonder, “What can I say to my boyfriend to talk dirty?” Many people default to erotic or obscene statements, which can be very daunting for those trying these exchanges for the first time. But “talking dirty” doesn’t always have to be R-18; depending on your partner, dirty talk can be modest and subtle, while still helping you achieve your goal of a hot night. Here are some ways that you can talk dirty to your boyfriend:

Say What You’re Wearing (or Not!)

Men can get aroused when they see women showing off their skin, which can even happen if they’re just thinking about it! Don your sexiest lingerie and describe it to your man. Tell him how the material caresses your body, how your shape looks in the garment, and the parts of you that are exposed (and what can be more exposed later on!).

Give a Scenario

Entice your boyfriend by giving a play-by-play of how you want things to turn out. Describe what you want him to do to you and what you want to do to him. Try to be as specific as possible, so that he can feel it even before he meets you.

Tease the Interaction

Make him want more by teasing how the interaction will eventually go. Get it into his head that this is something that you want, and something that will make him happy, too. Once you’re both in the same mindset, it will be easy to get in the same bed.

Explain How You’re Feeling

Talk about how you’re feeling right now that you’re waiting for him, and how you see yourself transforming once you feel his touch. Try to make it a two-way conversation, responding to how he’s feeling, as well.

Be a Tease, but Be Clear About What You Want

The thing about dirty talk is that it’s meant to be an appetizer to the main course. So, don’t give everything from the get-go–be subtle; be a tease. But at the same time, be clear about what you want to happen, then let things run their course after he comes running to you.

Tips for Saying Dirty Things to Your Boyfriend

Here is some advice to help you naturally talk dirty to your boyfriend:

Be Adventurous

Talking dirty requires you to get out of your comfort zone and explore language that you might not be accustomed to every day. Be adventurous and open, and don’t be afraid to speak your innermost thoughts.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Sometimes, dirty talk doesn’t work. And it’s not necessarily because you’re not doing it well; it may be because you’re not tailoring your speech to your audience. Your boyfriend might not be receptive to erotic talk, but gets turned on when you speak about yourself. Think about what arouses him and speak in that language.

Keep It Comfortable

While the dirty talk will put you in a position you might not have been in before, remember that you shouldn’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. That way, the conversation will always be natural.

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  1. I did exactly what you said , I believe because of you , well it’s the reason we are still together just gone 2 years in an online relationship, he owns a yachting business in Mexico, & me well I am separated going through settlement at the moment . I am praying to go live in Mexico by Xmas , with 3 of my youngest kids . Not sure why he won’t tell me his sir name still or go onto a free app , he has been so patient with me all this time & even though as hard as it is , it is still costing me a lot if money every mth. I am hoping it will change once my divorce in final , his wife was shot 10 years ago in front of him & I assume he has a lot of $ , I just never wanted to dive into the $ side of it , cause I have really wanted his heart/soul right from the beginning , & we truly share that . Maybe with what he went through & with all the $ he has , he is truly being extra careful, but seriously 2 years of talking , I would really appreciate your thoughts oh & you really are the best ever with everything you said to do, U did right from the very start , just got right too it $ said what my thoughts were thinking , blew him away , & still does

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