How to Talk Dirty to a Guy Over the Phone

Talking dirty to a guy over the phone is a major step up from learning how to ask a guy out over text. It signals a deeper connection built with a physical foundation, and it’s a great way to spice up your relationship and keep you connected sexually despite timing or distance issues. 

But how do you successfully end the night with satisfaction, instead of drowning in non-arousing or awkward moments? Let me guide you on how to naturally talk dirty to a guy over the phone, with examples of dirty texts to send to your boyfriend to get into the mood.

Get the Timing Right

Make sure that you and your partner are in the right mindset and situation to get into a sexy conversation. Treat this like a date and plan it, making sure you don’t have anything else lined up during this time and that you both have spaces you could be alone in. 

Wear Something Sexy

Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put an effort into how you look. Wearing something sexy will help you get in the best mood and be turned on more easily. 

Get in the Mood

Transform your space to have a romantic atmosphere. Think as if you’re getting it on for real—and set up your environment for it. Clear up some clutter, light some candles, and play some sexy music. Prepare your bed, too–clean it and place some comfortable pillows and blankets. 

As you get ready, start getting turned on! Get yourself in a sexual mental space by thinking about your sexual fantasies or reminiscing about hot moments in your relationship. 

Switch Your Persona

You don’t have to be a completely new person whenever you talk dirty to your man over the phone, but you want to distinguish yourself when you’re in the mood to be sexy versus when you’re just you. Try to switch your voice or pace of speaking, 

Now, it’s time to start thinking about some dirty things to say to your boyfriend so that you’re prepared as soon as he picks up the phone!

Describe the Scene

Once your boyfriend’s on the line, start the conversation by describing the scene in detail. Talk about what you’re wearing, how your body looks, and what parts are exposed. Ask the same about your partner and imagine him, too.

Then, talk about what you’d want to happen if your man was there with you. Don’t go into the heavy stuff right away. Foreplay works here, too. Start with small touches and primary fantasies, building towards more elaborate descriptions as you go. You could tell him that you want him to caress your skin or that you want to kiss his neck.

Get into the Details

Remember to keep communication open at all times. Neither of you can know what’s happening if you don’t talk about it. Tell your man how turned on you are and how aroused you are from hearing his voice and imagining his touch. Interact by talking through your sexual fantasies. Take off your clothes gradually, describing how each garment comes off in detail, painting a vivid picture of your body through your words.

More Dirty Talk Tips on Commitment Connection

Once you’re done with your steamy phone conversation, be sure to end with a sexy goodbye to keep the mood alive. For more tips on talking dirty and getting it on with your partner, check out Commitment Connection!

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