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Quotes About Overthinking.

Quotes About Overthinking

Believe it or not, sometimes the simple advice of “Just hush up and stop talking!” is not actually so mean-spirited. When someone says this, especially if it’s coming from a friend, they usually mean it in the most respectful and helpful way possible. They’re not saying that you shouldn’t speak your mind, nor are they […]

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Romantic Good Night Quotes

Romantic Good Night Quotes

Whether you’re dating someone you like or are already in a relationship, the “goodnight” moment is one of passion. Or at least it should be. Maybe it’s something that long-term couples take for granted. But when you’re dating someone, falling love, and you’re both ready to call it a night, the heart speaks honestly. This

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8 Relationship Quotes.

8 Relationship Quotes

Some might say we are a cynical society in 2018. Long term commitments have decreased. Over half of all marriages end in divorce. The average young adult tries living with a partner before considering the Big Step of marriage…and she may go years bouncing from relationship to relationship, without ever getting serious about commitment. Where

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When Should You Let a Man Kiss You. Signs He Loves You Deeply. Make a Man Fall Head Over Heels in Love.

5 Love Quotes to Help You Express Your Love to Him in Just The Right Way

Sometimes writing love poetry is hard! No wonder Roxanne needed a ghostwriter…or shall we say, a “ghost-facer”, since Cyrano de Bergerac lacked self-confidence because of his giant nose. And before I start outing myself as a late 1800s theater geek, let me assure you I was only speaking of the 1987 Steve Martin comedy loosely

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