Romantic Good Night Quotes

Whether you’re dating someone you like or are already in a relationship, the “goodnight” moment is one of passion.

Or at least it should be. Maybe it’s something that long-term couples take for granted. But when you’re dating someone, falling love, and you’re both ready to call it a night, the heart speaks honestly. This is where you tell the other person how much they mean to you, how much they’ve enjoyed talking so intimately, and how they don’t want to say goodbye, not yet.

So “Good Night” will work…because with every Good Night is the promise of another tomorrow. One where you’ll be able to talk again, for as long as you want. Someday, you’ll be together forever!

But until then it’s time to say Good Night and it’s time to think outside the box. Leave your partner with a feeling of love and make him miss you throughout the day tomorrow. Here are 10 romantic good night quotes to use, or paraphrase, or rewrite for your own lover.

1. Your Voice

Your voice is like music to me. You have the voice of an angel. You hypnotize me and put me to sleep with your sexy, calming voice. I want to be in your arms. I could fall asleep right now, cuddled next to you. Good night.

2. Picture in Your Mind

I want to see you. Send me a picture, just so I can have an image of you in my mind before I fall asleep. It makes me feel so peaceful. I just want to be in bed with you, to feel your warm body next to mine. Good night, my love.

3. Tasty

I must kiss you again. It makes me feel so good to feel your lips pressed to mine. I want to touch and kiss and suck in your sweet lips. That’s what I want. Make the sound, like you’re kissing me. Let me feel it. Then do it for real, the next time we see each other. Deal? Good night, love.

4. Light Up My Life

Everything light touches exists and thrives. Without light there is nothing. Moon needs light, stars need light. And I need you, the light of my life. Don’t stop shining. Every day I wake up and look to you for inspiration. Every day I think of you. I might survive losing you, but without you as my guiding light, how would I know that I exist?

5. Tell Me Something.

Tell me something true about yourself. Something true, or surprising, or something little and quirky. I want to know all about you. I want to know what makes you you, what makes you tick. Every time you share something about yourself, I just feel more attracted to you. I want you more. I desire you. I want to spend every good night in bed with you.

6. I Miss You

I’m falling in love with you. You once told me you feel the same way. Now I find myself missing you, missing your voice, your laugh, and your wonderful sense of humor. I can’t help but think of you, wondering what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. Wonder if I cross your mind as much as you cross mine. And sometimes I wonder what could we possibly do together to satisfy our mutual desire that only grows hotter. What comes after sex and love? I don’t know but I know I want you. I want you in my life. I want you now…or maybe tomorrow when you get home from work? Good night for now.

7. Thinking of You

I’ve been thinking about you. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on more important things because your sweet smile is there burned into my mind. Your handsome face, your gorgeous body, your sexy voice. Sometimes I dream about you. And it’s terrible when I wake up because I realize nothing that happened in the dream, all the amazing and beautiful things we did, happened in real. So maybe we should do what I dreamed. Run away together just for a weekend and soak each other in. I need a you vacation. G’night.

8. We Need to Talk

We need to have a sit down and talk to each other. I have things I want to say to you. Mostly things like, how sexy you are, how romantic you are, and how I’ve learned to walk on the wild side of life ever since I met you. I want to shower you with love, then kisses, then make love to you until you can barely walk. Then we’ll eat and talk and fall asleep in each other’s arms, just like we should do every night. Good night for now…but I’m counting down the minutes till I see you again.

9. Sexy Prince

Good night is so hard to say, because it means hanging up on you. Not hearing your voice. It means missing you for a whole new day. Maybe you should text me tomorrow and feed my addiction just a little bit. You’ve made me insatiable for you, my prince. You’ve awakened this succubus from her sleep and now I must have you! Good night…until we meet again in dreams.

10. Short and Sweet

You told me the other day that you loved me. I just wanted you to know I loved you even before you loved me. Enjoy thinking back in time, to when that first moment was, when I realized I must have you. (Smile) Good night, my love.

Remember the point of a good night quote, whether it’s a phone message or text or an email: leave him wanting more! Let him know how you sincerely feel. Remind him that all his efforts to charm and chase you have worked. Tell him that you can’t wait to hear his voice again. Make him feel loved and appreciated but motivate him to come back tomorrow and renew the strong bond you’ve created together. This is what true love feels like!

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