5 I Love You Quotes to Show Him How You Feel

We hear a lot about how it’s always the man’s job to ask a woman out and a man’s job to fall in love first and woo his girl until he gets a commitment.

Sure, that’s generally smart…it sure beats the scenario of the woman being the aggressor and trying to pressure a guy into proposing. That’s the sort of love quote you DON’T want to give him, because, (easy lesson here) men don’t like being told what to do or how to feel. Big surprise, right?

The challenge is in finding a way to express how you feel – that you do have love for him and you do care about him more than all the other guys who give you attention – but without seeming too clingy or desperate for his favor. That’s the sort of attention that pushes most guys away because they start thinking, “Something’s wrong with this scenario!”

But do you have to express something rather than nothing? Rather than assuming the guy is just going to chase you forever until you finally accept his proposal?

That could be a big mistake. I know, I always tell you men love to chase. But is there a threshold, a “limit” to how much they can chase a woman who just doesn’t want to settle down?

Of course there is. And no man really wants to be just another guy that you settle for. He wants to believe he’s someone special to you and that all this chasing is turning the both of you on – that you want him to KEEP chasing you!

Not ever giving him that assurance, that coy little message that says “Keep going…I love this!” is definitely going to wear him out over time.

But that doesn’t mean you should complicate matters by going full Notebook and delivering a romantic monologue that’s going to blow his mind.

Generally not a good idea…guys usually do like to make the first move, because it reminds them that they’re the ones interested.

So what should you say? The focus should be expressing how you FEEL, rather than telling him you’re in love and he better be too. You can’t go wrong with feelings. Let’s consider 5 ways to say “Something is going on between us…” that doesn’t give away too much.

1. “When I’m with you, I laugh more, cry less and smile every day.”

Great way to express how you feel without putting a label on it. You’ve given him the hint that you feel something…but that it’s not putting your life on standstill either. Talking about your feelings lets him know that you ARE bonding. But that he should take the initiative to get even closer.

2. “I really am alive and very much myself when I’m with you.”

There’s nothing as seductive as you assuring a man that when you’re with him, you really feel safe and secure – so much that you can be your true self. Men know that women sometimes have facades that they use to deal with the world. We all use them to some extent…the polite smile, the friendly face for customer service, the formal conversationalist.

That’s why letting him know that the two of you have an honest relationship where you’re both free to be yourself will be a big deal to him. He will realize how special you are and

how very few, if any, man has ever come so close to knowing the real you. Charming!

3. “Only you can make me feel this way…” or “You make me happy in a way no one else ever has.”

These two statements say the same thing, all the while avoiding serious talk of love. When you speak candidly to a man like this, you are telling him that he is the one you love, since no other man can make you feel this way. But at the same time, you hold back a little bit, since you don’t want to pressure him into loving you. You let him know that it’s his choice. That you do have feelings for him, but that he is the one that needs to decide whether it’s something he wants.

4. “I always like talking to you. Even if we’re talking about nothing or just enjoying silence.”

Great line, because it’s telling the guy that you love spending time with him and that he doesn’t always have to be “on” – being funny, or debonair or the perfect conversationalist. You simply want to be with him, enjoy life with him, and talk about everything forever. This is a great way to get him to relax and start a new level of deeper intimacy with you.

5. “Every girl wants a bad boy that’s only nice to his girl. That’s why I really like you.”

This is a clever like because it appeals to his masculinity on two different levels. First, every guy loves the idea of being a bad boy (even if he’s not!). He wants to be seen by others as tough, rebellious and sexy…but then again, he really works hard to be nice and to be a good provider. Reward him for his efforts to be a good boyfriend, but remind him that he’s just bad enough to be desirable. With this line, you’re reminding him that he’s the best of both worlds – wild fun but also dependable. You’re putting the thought into his mind that he’s serious boyfriend / fiance material.

But as always, the words have to come from him!

Remember that your “love lines” have to be something in between “too intense” and “too subtle.” He can’t figure out what you mean with riddles. However, he can FEEL what you allow him to feel, by your suggestions. Love is a feeling and he wants to feel that intensity before he determines that he’s really in love. Don’t lead him to it…let him discover it, by continuing to be a good receiver for his romantic attention.

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