9 Cute Quotes That Will Make Him Melt For You

While I often do tell women not to be TOO forward when telling a guy you really like him, I also realize that some guys really don’t go for subtle. They want something very clear – super clear!

This is the kind of guy that really wants your consent and wants to feel your desire for him BEFORE he makes a move. For whatever reason, (bad exes, low self-confidence, or maybe just that he likes to get full consent rather than assume anything) some guys really do want the woman to be more outspoken about sexual tension.

And you know, if the guy is obviously into you and is just waiting for that go ahead, YES, you can use a little more of a “cute” quote that shows you want love, sex, a relationship and so on. There’s no golden rule against this…it’s just that IS a big risk to say something if the guy doesn’t feel that way about you.

But some women really have an instinct about that kind of thing. They can SENSE when a man is attracted to them. They can tell when he’s trying to impress a girl and when he’s trying to slowly but surely lead the discussion to flirting.

Here’s the bottom line then. If you’re about 70-80 percent sure he wants you but is hesitating making the first move, use a cute quote and make his heart melt!

Some guys are surprisingly vulnerable to emotional sentences. Remember, guys are providers and that means they want to protect you, guard you, and solve your problems. If you’re saying all these emotional things, his instinct will be to give you what you want – intimacy!

Here are 9 great lines to use that balance cutesy and romantic with mysterious and sexy.

1. “I don’t know what this thing is between us. Maybe we should just explore how we feel.”

Great line that’s all about sex, not too heavily invested in love and commitment. But no guy wants to jump into all that. This is a great move to inspire him to just swallow his fear and kiss you already.

2. “You deserve to be kissed. All the time. By someone who’s really good at it.”

Here’s a line that boosts his self-confidence and gives him the praise he wants. And yes, it only helps you that you build anticipation for this memorable kiss. Not sure how to do it? Read our other blogs on how to kiss him better than anyone else!

3. “I feel so connected with you. Like we know what each other is thinking and feeling. Almost like we’re soulmates…but maybe that sounds corny.”

A wonderful line that emphasizes the way he feels about you, and you about him. You anticipate his thoughts and you’re so compatible you might just be soul mates. Even if he doesn’t believe in soulmates literally, he WILL love this romantic line. And he will

rush to tell you that it’s not so “corny”…he feels the same way!

4. “You make me smile…even when I’m down in the dumps, you always make me laugh.”

Telling a man that he has power over your happiness and grief is indeed a strong statement and it shows the great degree of trust you put in him. It also echoes the wedding vow, “In sickness and in health.” This line gives him credit for all his hard work, keeping you happy.

5. “Happiness is better when we share it. I never knew real pleasure and joy until I shared it with you.”

This may be a bolder statement, but if you can tell the guy is gaga over you, it will work very well. This lets him know that you’ve reached that trusting milestone in your relationship where you want to give to your partner – because giving makes you just as happy as receiving does.

6. “I’ll never forget you. I will remember this moment forever.”

Anything about ‘eternity’ works like a charm on a guy who’s looking for sure signs of interest. Most women don’t even say things like “forever” because it can spook a guy who’s not that into you. But if he does feel something for you, then avoiding the subject of love and marriage but still discussing the concept of forever will put the idea in his head.

7. “I never knew what love was until I met you.”

This is really a classic line and it works not only because it boosts his ego, suggesting he’s the only man who you’ve ever really loved, but it’s also a bit of a proverb.

Many authors have written variations of this line, “What love is…is this!” from Herman Hesse (“If I know what love is, it is because of you” to even Forrest Gump who famously said, “I’m not a smart man but I know what love is.”

It’s simply a dramatic way to say, that although love is hard to explain and hard to commit to, surely what you feel for him is the closest you’ll ever come to finding it. A great line to use, if he’s already melting over you.

8. “I have already accomplished the only dream that mattered…in this life, to be loved by

a wonderful man like you.”

This is another dramatic line that wouldn’t work if used too soon, but works perfectly when the relationship is escalating in emotion and passion. Of course, loving him is not your only ambition in life. But reassuring him that you are happy and that you’ve achieved your life’s ambition (meaning no reason to mope or regret) you’re reminding him of how precious the relationship has become to you.

9. “They say you only fall in love once and after that, you’re just in love with being in love. But I don’t believe that. Every year that passes, I fall in love with you all over again.”

The moral of the story is – reward your guy with more praise and intimacy as you progress towards a committed relationship. Your goal is being “sweet”, “cute” and “melting his heart” should be to show him how important he is to you. This is in contrast to the attitude we’ve been teaching so far, about letting him chase you, and you being less interested in him.

But as he works harder for your attention and eventually falls for you, that’s when you can start rewarding him in more lovey-dovey ways. As time goes on, let him know he’s not just a “boyfriend” but your best friend, your lover, your soulmate and your one true love! That’s what will melt his heart enough to marry you!

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