Why Doesn't He Miss Me?

Why Doesn’t He Miss Me?

Getting over someone after years of being together can be difficult–it can leave you feeling miserable and wondering if he is feeling the same way. You may wonder how long it takes to miss someone and want to believe that your ex is still struggling to get over you as much as you are with him; unfortunately, this may not always be the case.

Anyone can attest to the fact that breakups are usually hard, even if you’ve gone through one before. You might be trying to be clever and thinking about three texts to make him miss you–just know that if you decide to reach out to your ex and he gives you the cold shoulder, you will end up feeling worse.

To move on with your life, it is sometimes better to face the reality that he may not be missing you as much as you miss him. Life goes on, and you don’t want to get stuck yearning for a guy who doesn’t seem to care. Coming to terms with such realities can be extremely difficult, so you need to motivate yourself.

We all want to be happy, but we sometimes have to do things we wouldn’t want to. This means that no matter how horrible it may be to accept that your ex has already moved on with another woman, you still need to deal with your feelings. At some point, you have to stop living in the past and start focusing on a future that does not include him.

You can’t afford to waste any more of your precious time pining over a man who doesn’t want you, or feeling awful that he isn’t coming back. Once you’ve come to terms with your emotions, it’s a good idea to reflect on what happened and why he may not miss you–this will help you move on with more resolve.


When He Doesn’t Miss You

I can wholeheartedly say that it feels incredible when you tell someone you miss them, and they respond similarly. On the other hand, you can end up feeling foolish when you tell your ex that you miss him, and he doesn’t say it back.

If you tell your ex that you miss him and he fails to respond the way you expected, it could be that he wasn’t into you as much as you thought or that he has found love somewhere else. On the flip side, failing to say that he misses you could also mean that your ex is shy or not good at showing emotions–when a man is like this, he might not know how to express intimate feelings. Try your best not to automatically assume that he doesn’t miss you; look at the situation from all perspectives and see which one aligns the most with your situation.

In some cases, he might feel that letting go of you was the right decision. The reasons for this could be many, including:

  • If you cheated on him, he might not want to be reminded of that pain. This means that missing you may not be possible.
  • Depending on your relationship, it could be that he feels you put him through hell during your time together. As a result, he has no reason to miss you.
  • For some guys, being in a serious relationship is not what they want. This means that if your ex is not the type to commit and you convinced yourself that he was, there is no way he would miss you after a breakup.
  • If you broke up with him because he was cheating, then he would most likely not miss you as he has another woman in his life.

As much as it may hurt to know the truth, it’s possible that a guy doesn’t miss you at all after a breakup. If you find this is the case, you will have no choice but to let him go–you must remember that holding on to something that isn’t there can cause you to suffer needlessly.

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