How Long Does It Take to Miss Someone?

How Long Does It Take to Miss Someone?

You and your boyfriend broke up a while ago, but you are still missing him like crazy. Based on what you see on his social media pages and what your mutual friends say, he seems to be doing just fine—maybe even better than fine. This leaves you wondering if there is any advice regarding the psychology of how to make him miss you, even from a long distance

In such a situation, you probably can’t stop yourself from always wondering what he is doing and how long it will take for him to start missing you. If this is where you are, you are not the only one who has found themself in this position.

How Long Does It Take For a Guy to Miss You After a Breakup?

Most relationship experts who have researched this matter will tell you that you can expect your ex to start missing you anywhere between two months to five months after the two of you split. This timeline assumes that you have shown signs of moving on with your life.

In many cases, when a woman is trying to determine why he doesn’t miss her, it is because she believes her ex should begin to miss their relationship after a month or so. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case–you should be paying attention to his behavior after the breakup to find out whether or not he really misses you. This is a much better method of boosting your chances of getting back together than trying to figure out how to make him think you don’t care anymore

After your initial breakup, one of the behaviors you might start to notice from your former lover is that he seems to be paying you no mind. He might be posting pictures of himself having a good time, celebrating different achievements, or simply letting the world know he is a free agent. However, you need to understand that it typically takes a solid one to two weeks for a guy to start thinking about his ex and the way you were together after a breakup. 

This is because a man’s and a woman’s psychologies work differently. While you are crying your eyes out, your ex may not have had enough time to process the split. This means that guys often aren’t in the same emotional place as women are. 

The key is to look at his behaviors–this is not as complicated as some may believe. You just need to look at some telltale signs, and you will get your answer. Some of these signs include:

  • Your ex admits that he misses you either via text or a call.
  • He starts asking you out for coffee or to accompany him to an event.
  • He reaches out to you and brings up some special memories from your past together.
  • He starts to quickly respond to your texts.
  • He wants to have long conversations with you.
  • Your ex tells you that he has been thinking or dreaming about you.
  • You get texts from him at all times of the day or night.
  • He follows you on social media and likes your pictures and stories.

In the early stages after a breakup, you may feel like some of the behaviors mentioned above are taking too long to happen—or that they will never happen at all. Keep in mind that time is the revealer of all things. In addition, after you break up, both of you will need time apart to get over some of the pain. You will want to avoid each other in the beginning, but as some time passes, this will change—especially if you are genuinely still in love with each other.

How long or how deep a relationship was will play a critical role in determining whether your ex will miss you after the breakup and how long it will take him to do so. Be patient, and watch for these signs.

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