Why Do Guys Chase You. What to Say When He Pulls Away. Make Him Realize He's Losing You.

Why Do Guys Chase You, Then Ignore You?

Everything’s going well. He seems very interested—eager, even—to woo you. But just when you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship, he starts ignoring you. This might drive you crazy, racking your mind about what could’ve gone wrong. And while it’s easy to assume that he’s ignoring you because he suddenly grew uninterested, that’s not always the case. 

This is the same tactic as how to make a guy chase you by ignoring him or how to get a man to do anything for you–except in reverse, as he’s the one in the driver’s seat. He’s not ignoring you to get you to drop him; he’s probably doing it to play hard to get or to check if you’re just as interested in him. He might also be waiting for you to make the first move, especially if he’s become a bit shy or embarrassed to do it himself.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Ignores You?

There are different reasons why a guy might ignore you. If you feel that things have gone awry, then it’s possible that he’s halting communication because of some red flags. He might’ve seen you as too clingy or coming on too strong (if you’re wondering whether guys get turned off if you chase them, they can–if you do it obsessively). He may also be ignoring you because of a change in how he feels about the relationship; he could’ve realized that he doesn’t want a relationship with you or that he’s not interested anymore.

However, a guy ignoring you isn’t always a precursor to the end of a budding romance. It could be a tactic that he uses to get you to become more curious about him, to check if you’re just as interested, and to help you realize your feelings for him.

Reasons Why a Guy Chases You Then Ignores You

If you’re sure that your man’s feelings are true but are suddenly caught in a cold spell being ignored by him, here are some reasons behind why he could be doing that that could reassure you that it’s not over yet:

He’s Checking if You’re Interested in Him

By chasing you, he’s already expressed his interest in you–but he might’ve not gotten the reciprocation he wanted, so he’s holding himself off to see if you’d chase him just the same.

He’s Playing Hard to Get

You might feel like he’s in the palm of your hands since he’s actively pursuing you, and having caught on to this, he doesn’t want you to think he’s submissive. So, he starts ignoring you to play a bit hard to get you to work for the relationship, too.

He’s Confused About His Feelings

Your guy might have taken a step back because he’s still trying to make sense of his feelings. He might’ve needed space to think about whether he’s ready to take your partnership forward.

He’s Shy or Embarrassed

He might feel like he’s coming off too strong or has suddenly become too shy to initiate the next step. He might be worried that if he keeps on doing what he’s doing, you’re going to tire of him or reject him–so, he’s ignoring you so you’ll be the one to get things going.

He’s Taking It Slow

The chase is fun and, when done right, it can rapidly move your relationship along. If he’s realized that things are moving too fast, he might’ve decided to push the brakes to slow it down.

Still Not Sure Why He’s Ignoring You? Consult Commitment Connection

A guy ignoring you isn’t always negative. Nevertheless, no one wants to be in a situation where they’re unsure about their relationship or are being given the cold shoulder by a person they care about. 

What you really want to happen is for them to keep chasing you. To do this, you must be confident; you should always leave a good impression and keep him wanting more. To figure out why he’s ignoring you and to get him to stop—and to get him back to chasing you—check out more helpful tips from Commitment Connection!

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