How to Make a Virgo Man Miss You.

How to Make a Virgo Man Miss You

Your Virgo man is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce. He knows how to work hard and is very open about his thoughts and feelings (for better or for worse). You likely found that asking for his opinion on things and agreeing with him piqued his interest in you, but he’s particular. 

Maybe you disagreed at the wrong time or you became too comfortable (Virgos love stability but also crave movement—a difficult balance for this sign) and he needs space. Your mind is now racing:Does he still think about me? Why doesn’t he miss me?” Chances are, he does miss you. He misses who you were when you first started dating.

As relationships evolve, we evolve with them and into them. We sometimes find we’ve developed codependent habits, or we lose pieces of ourselves. Virgo is fiercely independent and hardworking, so to become someone desirable to a Virgo, you need to heal past wounds and embrace your truest self–this will ultimately make him miss you when he pulls away.


Take Time for Yourself

Any form of separation can be painful. You may be used to your practical and social Virgo filling space in your life—when he’s gone, what’s left? Don’t feel hopeless. After all, he was drawn to something in you before. What was it?

Take this time to get back in touch with yourself. Check in with your friends and see if you can have a full day that passes the Bechdel Test—don’t talk about him, and don’t check his social media. Find what makes you feel whole and what keeps you excited. This is your time to reevaluate as much as it is his.


Evaluate Your Wants and Desires

You know more than anyone how a Virgo is constantly seeking self-improvement. Take a page out of his book and make some lists. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to travel? Do you want to switch careers? Then, hone in on thinking of a partner who can fit in with those plans. What is he like? Is he flexible? Does he support your goals and dreams? 

You may find that in your meditating or therapy sessions that maybe, your Virgo man isn’t right for you. You may discover you want someone who is both flexible and able to take initiative, or that you are struggling to meet the expectations you set for your partner. How can you bring to the table what you are looking for in a relationship?


Embrace Yourself

You’ve done a lot of self-reflection during this period, and you may have found the parts of yourself you lost when you were caught up in trying to maintain your relationship. You probably realized that in all your efforts to appease someone else, you let your passions fade away. This break may have reminded you that you are also the prize in a relationship–you want to be treated well and not have to bend over backwards to be deserving of love.

By not checking in constantly with your Virgo man, he’s going to be curious about what you’ve been up to. When you touch base, he’ll find you’re more self-assured and goal-driven. After all, aren’t those qualities he also admires about himself? You may find more common ground and be able to work through your past issues, or you may find someone else who checks all the boxes on your new list.

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