10 Stages of a Long Distance Relationship.

10 Stages of a Long Distance Relationship

One of the reasons many long-distance relationships fade over time is because there is a lack of progression in the relationship.

Guess what happens then? You get bored of each other. Or you get nervous and stop flirting naturally. Everything becomes forced. You’re no longer dating with a point. You’re not really in a relationship anymore. You go back to being friends and the sexual attraction wanes.

Of course, most people just improvise and figure that sexual tension comes naturally. At some point, you will “just know” what you need to do or the sexy things you need to say.

Well maybe. Maybe instinct will guide you through it. Then again, maybe not. We can’t always assume that nature takes over.

The point is, if the guy is not taking the lead or if he’s naturally shy (or maybe scared of upsetting you by saying something sexual or too familiar), then you might have to help him along. Your job then is not to lead in the relationship, treating him like a wife! No, more like drawing him out and letting him know it’s okay to be romantic and daring and to say the things he is thinking about saying.

What I think will help is to review the 10 “stages” of a romantic relationship online. If you have been in an LDR for quite some time and seem to be stalling, then ask yourself is there a reason we’re not progressing in a natural way? Are we going through the phases and emotionally connecting?

Or are you maybe skipping important steps along the way? Could that be part of the problem? Have you stalled in one of the phases that involves doubt or worry?

Let’s consider the 10 natural stages of a progressive relationship, yes, even online.

1. Attraction

The first stage is innocent and flirtatious. You hint around, you confide, you push each other’s boundaries. Then finally, you admit your attraction openly and it feels great. The sexual tension you’ve created propels the relationship forward. Admitting mutual attractions starts everything.

2. Emotional Connection

Attraction can only go so far. But if you don’t quite reach the level of emotional intimacy, the relationship will stall. Sexual attraction will oftentimes not go any where, if there’s any doubt or hesitance that the relationship is “real” and real feelings are involved beyond sex. Work on getting to know each other intimately, in mind and soul, so you can strengthen that bond.

3. Testing

Usually, a testing phase happens next, as the closer you feel, the more nagging doubts start to invade your mind. You may wonder about the future of the relationship. You may doubt your partner’s loyalty or even the logic of the relationship. Major issues that you previously ignored may come back in the worst way. You must endure through it.

4. Hope and Optimism

The reward for surviving the third phase is to experience a renewed sense of hope. Now you believe in the relationship again. You’re optimistic about the future. You have a surge of confidence that you two can get through anything, no matter the obstacles that lay ahead.

5. Possessiveness and Worry

At this point, it’s not about doubt – more like you’re panicking and afraid to lose everything you’ve built together. You want more intimacy and more control over his life because the thought of losing him scares you. But for some women, this growing need turns into an unhealthy obsession – trying to possessive him. It never ends well.

6. Building Trust

The best way to counteract the previous phase is to focus not on controlling him, but building trust together. Talking things out and getting inside his head is the best way to learn your partner. Talk about boundaries. Negotiate compromises. Give him respect and respect that he will be a man and live up to his obligations. Likewise, he will trust you. If you don’t trust him enough to loosen that grip and allow his independence, then why are you with him in the first place? Believe in him.

7. Creating Habits Together

One of the most important phases is when you create habits together. Routines, shared hobbies, touching base, and going on virtual dates – these are the routines you set now that will last a lifetime. Look forward to dates, to dinner conversations, and other shared activities. Don’t make them a chore. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be funny or enthusiastic. Just relax and enjoy these warm moments.

8. Finding Your Safe Place

When you learn to trust each other, you will find comfort in each other’s company, even if you mostly communicate online. You will begin to think of him as your go-to guy for everything, as a “cure” for the stress in your life. You will find his reassurance that he loves you amazing and it will make you feel protected and safe. He is your safe space, your “one true thing” in life, someone who’s always there for you. And since the feeling is mutual you don’t have to worry about dysfunctional or toxic patterns ruining the relationship. You will simply find peace in each other.

9. Assigning Value to the Relationship and Reaching Commitment

The final stage of love and pre-commitment involves getting him to fall for you and making him prioritize the relationship. You want to reach that point where neither of you can even fathom losing each other. You’re committed. You’re united as a team. You want the relationship to be “forever”, and to get your partner to see high value in you.

That perception of value, that you’re a strong and successful woman and that it takes effort to impress you, is what a man ultimately wants. He wants to work for your approval. He wants to prove his value to you. Commitment should always be about positive things, like realizing how special he is, and him realizing how unique you are. When you approach it this way, you don’t commit because of fear or even because he’s “better than being alone.” You actually get together because the relationship fulfills you.

At the same time, because you know your own high value, you don’t let a man lead you on or put you on the backburner for someone else. You’re worth more than that. A man must sense that confidence from you. This is especially important in online dating and LDRs because you must make him understand that you’re not going to wait for him indefinitely. If he loves you, he will want to commit. He must have a plan.

10. Creating specific goals together.

Finally, we have the goal-setting stage. If you want the long-distance relationship to last and be “successful” then you must define the success you want. What kind of affection do you crave? How do you want him to show you love? What specific things would you like to be doing in a few weeks? Months? What kind of timeframe would you like for a commitment or engagement…but also, what are you doing to evoke that emotional response in him? How are you making commitment seem attractive, like something HE wants more than anything?

Once you figure out your personalized goals, you can work towards achieving them and talking them over with your LDR boyfriend.

In conclusion, the point is to understand where you are in the natural progression of the relationship and where you’re going. Not understanding the logical progression can cause awkwardness. It can also hinder your romance and emotional connection. If you’re aware of where you are in the phases, and where you need to be to make your boyfriend want you and wait for you, then that will start to drive every conversation you have. Having a plan and following a path to emotional bonding is the best way to keep your long-distance relationship sexy and committed.

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21 thoughts on “10 Stages of a Long Distance Relationship”

  1. This is so amazing and it has to work out for any one who does it the right way .Am so inspired and now I know how to maintain my long distance relationship.Am sure it will work out for me. Thanks Matthew GOD bless you.

  2. Lolita Babes Umali Alquiza

    Absolutely Blessed Amazing, Thank you ever so much with out end sir Mathew. More power! You’re stages we’re Fantastick. Thank you ever so much with out end for sharing. .

  3. Thank you. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 2 years and four months. We have been through heaven and hell. I met him 32 years ago and it’s been an intense love affair connection, the passion and history shared together creates a bond that fills an emptiness in our life stage now. However there is a huge red flag here, love itself can not survive the relationship unless the way past due meetings date happens this year. So I guess Autumn can be a little sad for us. I’d rather safe the friendship on move on.

    1. I’m in same boat except it’s a 50 year relationship. If he won’t decide for us to be together I’m gonna have to move on. It’s Heartbreaking to say the least. Not sure I can do it. Good luck to you.

  4. We’ve been in an LDR for 2.5 years. 5 months together for long weekends and a date night mid week. 7 months away from each other. I feel we are not progressing to being together full time because we are always starting over when the 5 months together comes around. I’d love to hear your expert opinion….

  5. I am in a long-distance relationship and I almost ended it because I think I am getting enough attention. I have doubts and a trust issue because of his past. I started labeling him as narcissistic based on my last relationship. However, this information gave me hope in the relationship.
    One topic that needs to be discussed in narcissism, because narcissists love long-distant relationships

  6. Thank you Matthew
    Im in a LDR and is not easy
    We are both divorce and we have 4 months
    He is a Gemini and Im a Taurus and I give him a lot of space and he comes back to me after.

  7. Long term relationships require the very best from both partners – so tough but so sweet when it works out! Thanks for the coaching.


    I am in a LDR for 3 years this coming August. We met on Facebook, and I was very skeptical at first. I deleted his friendship 3 times, and he keeps coming back so I decided to become friend with him, and I am very happy I did. He has never been married; I was married but my husband died from a heart attack in 2016. I said I would not date again because I would never get anyone like my husband. Anyway, I have decided to try it again and I am very happy I did. I am a little bit older than him, and our birthdays is 2 weeks apart in September and we will be getting married this coming September between out birthdays. He is very nice and kind to me, he reminds me of my husband, may his Soul Rest In Peace. So we are very busy looking about our wedding.

    1. WOW! there is hope in a LDR! Happy to have heard hat one couple who et on FB were able to connect and will be getting married. Good luck and God bless you both!

  9. I am in a LDR, one yr in October, we are 4 hours apart. He comes and visits me regularly, and I have been there a few times. We are emotionally bonded, and inlove. We talk everyday, I don’t know if we will ever be married, as we both have done it twice before, I would like to, I truly know it would be right this time! He never married for love either! I guess time will tell!

  10. I loved this list. I just had a long conversation with my guy this morning. We have been in a LDR for 10 months. He is in a lifestyle that when we first met didnt bother me much because we didnt know if we were even going to see each other again. Well we have and he makes me his first priority… but I am still working on my trust. But when we talk; its all good.

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