21 Naughty Quotes for Him (These Will Drive Him Wild!)

I’ve talked to both kinds of people – the ones who say, “sex is easy but love is difficult!” and the ones who say, “love texts are easy…but I have a harder time coming up with sexy texts.”

Why is that? Why is that some of us enjoy romance and some of us enjoy sex and flirting and yet BOTH at the same time – that’s when things get complicated! We all want both, of course, because sex and romance are of the same substance. Attraction leads to sex. Good sex leads to friendship and trust. Trust leads to romance and caring about another person.

The problem could be that some of us have a lot of experience in flirting and creating sexual tension, but don’t quite understand the nuances of romance. On the other hand, some of us are idealists, very romantic at heart and looking for trust and friendship. But when it comes to dating and flirting, that’s what freaks you out! Maybe you feel that you’re too awkward around attractive men.

How do you get the best of both worlds? How can you be sexually desirable to a man but also a “high-value” woman who a man will want to marry and start a family with?

I think the answer is simple. When you’re dating at the start of a relationship, friendship and compatibility mean everything. You’re establishing trust, learning each other, and discovering interesting things about that person across the table from you. That’s a fun, low-stress, and amazing date! In the beginning that’s all it is.

Sex and love both have to be earned over time. More men need to learn that sex doesn’t come free and easy. He has to work for it. More women need to learn that having sex with a man sex doesn’t make him fall in love. They have to spend more time getting to know him before intimacy happens.

Now once you do invest that time in a man and he starts to fall in love with you, that’s when both sex and love come easier. Almost NATURAL, dare I say.

Sex comes first because the more trust you feel and the more emotionally engaged you are, naturally, you both desire sex. But it’s not hard coming up with sexy texts and they don’t have to be too creative – just emotional and intense! Here are 21 naughty quotes for him that he’s going to get a kick out of in all the right places.

1. Don’t ever make me cry baby, just make me wet. I think you know what I mean.
2. I want to wake up in your bed. All rolled up in your sheets. My clothes all over your flood. It’ll be so sexy to wonder where I am and then see you sleeping next to me and be like…Oh yeah I scored with that hot guy!
3. You literally make me horny just by saying hello!
4. I want a kiss. No, not on my lips. Everywhere else.
5. I want to taste you. And if you keep me waiting too much longer, I’m going to do you in public.
6. I don’t just want sex from you. I want to hear you moan and pant. I want you to come as hard as you’ve ever come before. Then I want you to gasp and fall on top of me. Then roll over and fall asleep with your arm around me. Yeah like that.
7. Aww stressful day, baby? I have a prescription for you. Take me, twice a day. Once roughly, then softly. That’s my natural remedy for stress.
8. You kept me waiting, naughty boy! You are hereby sentenced to stay in between my legs until I release you.
9. I want to hear you talk dirty…like extreme. I want to know just how badly you want me.
10. Believe me, the You in my imagination is much naughtier and hornier than the real life you. And please, pretty please, prove me wrong.
11. (Passes a note in class) “I want you inside of me.” (Raises brow)
12. Hope I’m not interrupting you at work but I just had to let you know that you should pull my skirt and panties down and spank me some time. OK back to work with you!
13. Be honest…who was the best sex you ever had? Because I want to outdo that shit, know what I’m saying, boi?
14. If you really want something, and I mean anything, ask me when you’re kissing the nape of my neck. I turn to jelly and will just answer with YES YES!
15. Hey you. Send me nudes. I’m not joking. Do it or I’ll blackmail you!
16. I want to have sex a thousand times with you. That’s a big number so we better get to counting.
17. What’s your most extreme and taboo fantasy…and should I give it to you this weekend?
18. Stop looking at me like that…unless you want to do me right here and now.
19. I never even used to swear until I met you. But you brought all the dirty talking and kink out of me, honey.
20. We should eat pizza and f**k all night. And maybe video games all morning?
21. I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I swallow. Ooops, that’s not what you were thinking? Well it is now! lol

Love Comes Last

Remember that just because you now have trust and a lot of sexual escapades to look forward to, doesn’t mean that you’ve auto-earned love and marriage. That comes after sex, after deeper bonding and AFTER more intense feelings develop. Love also comes after you demonstrate the high-value qualities that your crush is looking for in a woman.

So yeah, sex is easy because it happens at a very specific stage in the dating process – much later and after you’ve enjoyed emotional engagement with a man. Don’t rush sex, don’t rush love. Simply enjoy the conversation and the rest comes naturally.

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