Do Guys Get Turned Off if You Chase Them?

Do Guys Get Turned Off if You Chase Them?

If you think about it, being chased by someone who likes you should be a good thing. It feels good to know how to make a guy chase you by text or be assured of how long a guy will chase you. It’s a compliment, and it shows their eagerness to win you over and pursue a relationship with you.

But for a lot of people, especially guys, being chased is a total turn-off (and this probably answers the question “Why do guys chase you, then ignore you?”). I bet you’ve turned down guys who’ve come on too strong, too. If you chase a guy, he might feel overwhelmed or see you as too clingy, and this could lead to him putting up walls and ruining any chance for a partnership to blossom. So, stop chasing guys! Instead, focus on flipping the narrative—get your man to start chasing you.

Why Guys Get Turned off When You Chase Them

Let’s get something straight: the right guy for you will never be turned off when you chase them–but the right guy won’t make you chase them in the first place. So, if you’re chasing someone to no avail, then it’s time to rethink your prospects. 

Guys who get turned off when a woman chases them can feel that way because of several reasons. A lot of playboys get turned off because it signals the end of a challenge. You’re no longer hard to get or mysterious and, as a result, they’ve started to lose interest. It could also be because they weren’t entirely interested in you in the first place–they just wanted to boost their ego or play games, and now that they’ve gotten what they’ve wanted, they can easily drop you and move on to their next girl. Other men get turned off because they realize that they’re not ready for a relationship or that you’re different from the idea they hatched in their heads.

Why You Should Stop Chasing Him

For your own good, you should stop chasing him, especially if he’s showing no interest. Here are some reasons why you should–figuratively–take off your running shoes:

It’s Bad for Your Self-Esteem

Chasing a man who doesn’t seem to want to reciprocate your interest is a humiliating and exhausting experience that could pull down your self-confidence. Remember that no man is worth sacrificing your dignity.

He’s Not Worth It

A guy who makes you chase him with zero assurance that it will amount to a relationship is obviously not good for you. You deserve a man who chases you.

You’re Missing Out on Good Relationships

By drawing all of your focus on the chase, you’re robbing yourself of having a chance at a healthy and good relationship—one without the chase or any games; one that naturally grows and makes you feel good.

What Happens When You Stop Chasing Him

Here are some things that could happen once you decide to stop chasing your man:

He’ll Realize How Much You Mean to Him

Your man might’ve grown complacent, thinking he’s got you in the palm of his hand. But when you stop throwing all of your attention on him, he’ll eventually realize how much he misses you and how much you actually mean to him.

He’ll Start Chasing You

When the reverse psychology kicks in, your man might worry that because you’ve stopped chasing him, you’ve lost interest. To keep you wanting him, he’ll then start chasing you.

You’ll Find Better Relationships

If your guy still doesn’t change after you’ve stopped chasing him, this becomes the perfect opportunity for you to find better partnerships with men who are worthy of your love and affection.

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