How To Flirt With A Guy 

How To Flirt With A Guy 

Learn how to flirt with a guy to ensure that they know you are interested and get the date you want in this guide. 

Flirty can be tricky business. For some people, it comes naturally and for others, it’s like trying to learn a whole new language in just a couple of minutes. This isn’t always based on attractiveness either. There are lots of people who are conventionally stunning but have no idea how to flirt and so miss out on a lot of opportunities. This is often made more complicated by the fact that guys don’t always pick up on the fact a girl is flirting with them. So, let’s explore some of the key ingredients to a successful flirt when you’re interested in a guy that will captivate their interest and keep them engaged. 

Use His Name 

It sounds simple but this is key. You need to address them by name. That’s particularly important if you are in a group of friends. As soon as you start addressing them by name, it shows that you are interested. It will also make your communications just a little more personal. People focus more when you call them by their names. Confident flirters will find a way to make the name sound a little more sexy or passionate but this needs to be subtle. You don’t want to embarrass them or come across as too eager. 

Be A Little Naughty 

Guys are used to getting clear signs from girls. If you don’t show them that you’re interested, then they probably won’t get the message. This can be the case even if you are on a dating website or on a date. As such, it can be useful to be just a little naughty when you are flirting. You can be playful in person, online or through text. This can be anything from letting you know you are thinking about them or telling them about what you’re wearing. It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual but a hint of things to come can be the ideal way to get a guy’s attention. 

Provide Compliments 

Men like compliments just as much as girls do. Compliments will also provide a clear message that you are interested in them and that they have your attention. Little comments about the way they look or the way they are addressed are fantastic options if you are not sure they are picking up your more subtle signs. Be a little more forward and specific with your compliments as well. Don’t just say “You look handsome today.” Instead, say something like. “I love your muscles, have you been working out?” This is going to have a huge impact if a guy has been working to improve their physique. 

Laugh At The Jokes He Makes 

It’s important to note that guys don’t always just want to be seen as sexy or handsome. A lot of guys want to be funny. They’ve grown up trying to be class clowns and they might have idolized comedians or funny actors when they were growing up. You don’t need to make him feel as though he is the funniest person in the world. However, any little giggle or laugh will work wonders. Laughter is also a brilliant ice breaker which can be wonderful if you’re on a first date and things are a little quiet or the conversation is stilted. 

Touch Him Playfully 

If you are flirting in person, then you may want to focus on touch. Again, this doesn’t need to be overtly sexual, particularly if you are just starting to flirt. We’re not suggesting you reach for anywhere overtly private. Instead, you can brush your hand against their wrist or even hold their hand gently. You can graze their cheek or you might want to be more playful. It entirely depends on the situation, how confident you are and what message you want to send. 

Make Him Notice Your Body 

When being too sexual when flirting can send the wrong message, you still may want to ensure that a guy is seeing you the right way. This can be important if you have been friends for a while or if you know them in a more professional sense. In cases like this, you need to essentially get guys to ‘switch gears.’ One of the ways that you can do this is by making him pay attention to your body and your curves. This is easy to do if you mention things like working out, you talk about your clothes or you discuss tattoos and where you might want them.

You can also draw attention to key areas of your body like your lips. Licking your lips or blowing a kiss if you’re feeling particularly confident can immediately provide a strong enough hint to even the most unobservant guy that you’re interested in them. 

Show You’re Listening 

It’s a common misconception that guys are only interested in sex and everything that comes with it. This isn’t true. Guys want various things from a relationship including an attentive partner. This is why when flirting it’s important to show that you are interested and listening to what they are saying. The best way to do this is by asking questions about a topic that you know they are passionate about. 

Let Them Notice You Looking 

It can be embarrassing to let a guy see you looking at them. But it’s also another clear sign that they can’t miss. If you lock eyes with a guy, then you’ll be showing them – without any room for doubt – that you want to get to know them a little more. It also suggests that you find them attractive which will provide them with the confidence they need to make a move. 

Think About Body Language 

Finally, make sure that you think about your body language. Guys do pick up on body language so if you look uncomfortable and your arms are crossed, they probably won’t flirt. You need to be relaxed with open arms. Little gestures can also have a huge impact like swaying your hips or touching your hair. 

Take this advice and you’ll find guys do notice when you are flirting with them and immediately engage with your advances. 

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