What to Say Before Going No-Contact

What to Say Before Going No-Contact

Stopping all forms of communication with your partner can get tricky, especially if you’re doing it to get him back. Fortunately, the male mind during no contact is predictable. If your relationship still has hope and your man still has feelings for you, then being cut off will help him figure out how much he wants to keep you in his life and how valuable your relationship truly is to him. But to make sure that he comes to these realizations, you have to set the proper groundwork before you even start no contact. 

You have to be honest about your feelings and you must make it clear that the door’s still open for him. Explain why you’re doing this and give him the proper closure. Don’t give off too many details or say anything that might come off as too needy or too mysterious. Be polite about it, and you’ll have him racking his mind trying to think about what went wrong.


What Is the No-Contact Rule?

The no-contact rule refers to a strategy used to get an ex back or to move on from a relationship. It dictates that, for a certain period, you can’t contact your old partner. This means no meet-ups, no calls or texts, and no social media interaction.

The no-contact rule is famous as an effective way to heal from relationships, particularly toxic ones. It can get difficult, but if you know how to stay strong during no contact, you’ll come out of it as an even better version of yourself.

The no-contact rule is also effective in getting your ex back and restarting a relationship—but only if it’s done with this in mind from the get-go. When you take a break to come back as an even stronger couple, then having zero contact can help you do just that. But if you’re wondering whether going no-contact will work if he’s lost feelings, know that it might be a long shot.


Should I Tell Him Before We Go No-Contact?

To make sure that having no contact works in getting your ex back, it’s important not to go cold turkey on him. You’ll want to prepare him for what’s happening, making it clear that this period of non-communication doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. Without this crucial step, you’re at risk of losing him forever.


What to Say Before Going No-Contact to Get Him Back

Here are some important details you shouldn’t forget to share with your partner before initiating zero contact:


The Reason for No Contact

Give him context for why you’re cutting him off. This is good to give him closure, plus, he could use the information as a lesson for where he could improve. Be careful not to point fingers and don’t give too many details–be polite, calm, and friendly about it.


Your Honest Feelings

If you’re going no-contact to get your ex back, you’re probably still in love with him. Make sure he knows that, and that you’re doing this for the sake of your relationship. Communicate how you felt leading up to this decision, as well.


Boundaries You’re Setting

No contact means no contact, and you want to define these boundaries to your ex to ensure that no one crosses a line and that the period of non-communication is peaceful. You may find exceptions–let him know what these are.


The Possibility to Restart

The most important thing that you have to tell your ex before taking a break is that the door’s still open for your relationship to start anew. This will ensure him that there’s still hope and that once you both have had some time for yourselves, you can get back together in a healthier way.


Do It Right, and No Contact Can Get Your Ex Back

No contact can be an effective way to get your ex back and rekindle your relationship—but only if you do it right. You have to be clear about your intentions, honest about your feelings, and open about what’s going to happen in the future. Your ex will be on his knees begging you to come back in no time!

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