Will No Contact Work if He Lost Feelings?

Will No Contact Work if He Lost Feelings?

The no-contact rule is known as the best way to get over a breakup and move on from a relationship, but it’s also effective as a means to rekindle a relationship that still has hope. The no-contact rule of male psychology dictates that guys typically think the same way when they’re cut off from their partners; they fall into certain behavior patterns that make their reactions predictable. 

If love is still alive in your relationship, keeping a distance between you and your ex can give you time to heal as individuals and come back better as a couple. However, this doesn’t always happen–the no-contact rule might not work if you or your ex has lost feelings because, in this situation, there’s nothing to come back to after time.

What Is the No-Contact Rule?

The no-contact rule is a strategy used to get an ex back or to move on from a relationship. It’s defined by a period, of usually at least six months, in which you don’t contact your old partner—no meet-ups, no calls or texts, and no social media interaction. The goal is to have zero interaction with him, whether intentional or not.

Is the No-Contact Rule Effective?

The distance created by the no-contact rule makes it effective as a way of healing. It gives you space from your relationship. You can focus on self-improvement, allowing you to jump back into the dating scene (or your old relationship) even better.

The no-contact rule is also effective in getting an ex back–that is, if the strategy was used for this purpose specifically. When you take a break from a relationship to come back into a healthier partnership with your partner, it can do wonders in repairing your dynamic, even setting a stronger foundation for your future.

Will the No-Contact Rule Work if He Has Lost Feelings?

When it comes to getting an ex back, the no-contact rule only works in certain situations. Unfortunately, if the guy has lost feelings—and is sure that he’s not going to fall back in love with you—then the distance might just give him the freedom that he needs to start anew. In this case, it might be good for you to revamp your online dating presence (being careful to avoid what not to say on a dating profile) and get back on the scene.

However, if he’s still confused or has some love left, then the no-contact rule can make him realize how valuable you are in his life and how your relationship is something that he should strive to keep aflame.

How to Get Your Ex Back With the No-Contact Rule

If you’re thinking about using the no-contact rule to get your ex back, then here are some tips to help you be successful:

Lay Down the Groundwork

Men are often unable to read between the lines, so knowing what to say before going no-contact is important so that you can put some reassurance between the two of you that the door’s still open to possibly rekindle the flame of your relationship later on.

Work on Self-Improvement

The period of no contact is no time for you to be groveling over your relationship. You should take it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Get into a regular workout routine, pick up some new hobbies, take some classes—do everything that can turn yourself into an even better catch!

Make Him Miss You

No contact means no contact–give your man the chance to miss you. This space will help him realize what he’s lost and work towards getting you back. 

Sometimes, No Contact Is the Best Way to Communicate

Communication is key in relationships, but sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. The no-contact rule proves that. The male mind is simple, and you can usually predict how he’ll behave in situations of loss and yearning and use this to your advantage to get the relationship and man that you want—someone who knows your value and loves you so much that he’s afraid to lose you!

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