6 Signs You’re Dating a High-Value Man

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Ideal Man? If your instincts say, “rich and good looking!”, then don’t feel too bad. While some people try to claim that money and looks are superficial qualities, the truth is that they are simply evidence of a lifestyle, nothing more or less.

A rich man is usually a man who enjoys working, has a career he loves, and who is a good provider for his family. Objective analysis, wouldn’t you say?

Now that’s not to suggest that all single rich men are good men…of course, there are plenty of toxic, wealthy men that you’re better off never meeting. They’re charming only in the beginning, and before you know it, you’re dating (or married to) Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

How about good looks? Well, it’s only natural that you want to feel a strong attraction to a man you meet. Scientifically speaking, we’re not really sure what attracts one person to another, except for unproven theories like genetic similarities, lifestyle similarities, and evolutionary advantages. However, marrying someone you’re not attracted to is usually a bad idea…your body seems to know right away who is a match and who is going to leave you unsatisfied and frustrated.

However, it’s not enough to say that wealth and body are the only important. It might even be misleading to say you’re only looking for a wealthy or handsome man because the truth is your desires are more complicated than that. Above all, you want a high-value man and his value will come across in the way he carries himself. Look for these 6 signs.

1. He doesn’t want to control you…he wants to encourage you to be your best.

The sign of an insecure man, is of course, his desire to discourage you, limit you and preoccupy your time with taking care of him. A real high-value man has your best interests at heart and will support you in whatever you want to do. When your value increases his value increases. He has no reason to suppress your instincts or question your desires. He just wants you to achieve all your dreams.

2. He doesn’t play mind games…and that includes the old he said / she said routine.

It might surprise you to know that a lot of cocky and confident guys are still very insecure when it comes to being “man of the house.” They are afraid of a wife becoming their full-time boss. No wonder then they’re very competitive and want to make more money than you, achieve more than you, and browbeat you into supporting HIM at the expense of your own needs and wants. A high-value man, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to compete. He’s happy for you and doesn’t compare his career to yours. He’s also not trying to be the boss of you, nor is he fighting against you for control in the relationship. He’s self-confident enough to be happy on his own and doesn’t define his own success by the relationship. He just enjoys being with you.

3. He not only has money, he wants to provide for you.

It’s not so much that a guy is “rich” that matters to a woman. What matters is that he’s a good provider, a mature man capable of taking care of himself and that he enjoys his career. (And why not? He’s going to spend a third of his life at that job!) Financial security is what really matters to most women, the ability of him to be independent.

Even more important than his bank account though, is whether he actually WANTS to provide for you. A man providing for his wife is not just about money. There are many ways in which a man can provide for his partner, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. But does he share with you what he has openly, without holding a grudge? Is he paranoid about how you spend his money or reluctant to trust you with finances? In the end, you want a man that’s happy to share his resources with you and provide for your needs without complaint.

4. He actually likes your independence.

High-value men are actually very attracted to independent women. He likes a partner who has similar traits to himself. Ideally, both partners should be independent before getting together, so that the relationship remains balanced and one partner doesn’t depend on the other to survive. Successful men are not looking for a “damsel in distress” they have to save.

On the contrary, men who are insecure will actually look for women that seem helpless so that they’ll have a more controlling relationship. Or worse yet, they’ll try to make you helpless. That’s why it’s always best for you to be busy, find a career, and be happy in your independence before settling down.

5. He knows his value…and so he doesn’t let you talk down to him.

High-value men are well adjusted in life and in mental health. They know they’re one of the good ones and so they don’t play well when a partner is constantly complaining, or blaming them for something that’s not their fault, or rehashing old problems that are in the past. He’s the type of guy who will either walk away from an intense argument or he’ll just flat out tell you that you’re being unreasonable. He stands up for himself but only when you start the attack. This is the sign of a truly “alpha” and yet sensible man. A man who has nothing to prove but doesn’t needlessly suffer.

6. He listens to you fully and he thinks before he speaks.

A good listener, a man who really tries to improve communication where possible, a high-value partner. He listens completely, rather than just trying to win the argument. At the same time, he doesn’t brashly spout out negative thoughts just to get a rise out of you. He thinks before he speaks, always treating you with respect. He doesn’t make promises he can’t keep just to keep you temporarily happy. He doesn’t manipulate you with cheap sentiment. He simply focuses on actually making you happy.

That’s the great thing about high-value guys. They spend more time legitimately trying to make the relationship work. Rather than taking you a roller coaster of positive and negative emotions, they just focus on the positive. They bring out the best in you. He’s a considerate guy, an honest man, and a romantic. And you’re what makes his already wonderful life even more exciting and precious.

And yes, he’s usually successful in his job and just happens to be a handsome devil. So when you meet a man of this caliber don’t let him get away. Compared to all the creeps and toxic lowlifes out there, this high-value man is really something special.

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