What Can I Say to My Boyfriend to Talk Dirty

What Can I Say to My Boyfriend to Talk Dirty?

Talking dirty is more than trying to appeal to your man’s inner beast. It’s a useful tool to express your attraction and desire for your partner, communicate your wants, and connect on that extra personal level.

Talking dirty is another way to describe any exchange that is suggestive or explicit in nature. We usually have these types of conversations when we’re trying to get into bed with our partner or if we’re in a moment of intimacy.

But dirty talk is more than simply verbal smut. It can be a way to connect and open up with your partner. A study conducted by a professor of neuropsychology, Daryl Cioffi Appleton, reported that dirty talk elevates a physical connection to a mental one. She explained that dirty talking activates all of the regions in your brain, which aren’t necessarily active with touch alone. 

Finding new ways to turn your partner on can bring you closer together. So, whether you want to whisper something saucy at dinner or dig up dirty texts to send to your boyfriend to turn him on, dirty talk can be your gateway to spicing up your relationship—and we know just how to get you started on this erotic journey. 

If you’re wondering what some dirty things to say to your boyfriend are, we have just the guide.

What to Say to Turn Him On in Any Situation

Obviously, there’s a time and a place for suggestive banter. Even when the moment is right, you can still draw a blank. What you say over text will have a different effect than what you say in person, and we’ve got you covered with some starting lines.

When There’s Distance Between You

He could be away for a weekend boys’ trip or getting settled in at his work relocation across the country, but you still want to feel close to him. Bridge the distance by communicating what you would do if you were inches apart instead of miles. Here are some ideas for how you can talk dirty to your boyfriend online:

  • Imagine: The way you feel closer to him is by inviting him to imagine how things would be if you were next to each other right now. It can start with an innocent, “What would you do if I was there with you?” and grow from there, or you can detail what you would like to do with him if you were there, or what you will do when you see him next.
  • Guess: For the playful minx, this one’s for you. An easy tactic to get started with dirty talk is to lead with questions. Phrases such as “What do you think I’m wearing right now?” or “Guess what I’m remembering?” can instantly pique your man’s interest.

When You Want to Get the Party Started

You want to get things going, and for some reason, he hasn’t caught on to what you have in mind when you eye him up and down. Maybe he’s distracted or blissfully unaware. Maybe he’s flirting back, and you’re tired of playing cat and mouse. 

Whatever the situation is, here are a few ways to escalate things:

  • Take command: Don’t be afraid to be blunt, but be excited about it. You’re the boss, tell him what you want him to do or exactly what you want to do.
  • Compliment: Paired with taking your time looking him over, remind him how attractive he is. Remind him how you love how he takes off his glasses, or when he rolls up his sleeve–he will love to feel desired by you.

In the Heat of the Moment

When you’re already going, adding a verbal element can heighten the experience. If you want some inspiration for your alone time with your man, try this:

  • Narrate: I don’t mean go full David Attenborough, but expressing how you enjoy certain things goes a long way. This is perhaps the easiest form of dirty talk, as all you need to do is plug in “I love it when you [insert current action taking place].” It creates a visual in his mind in addition to what is in front of him.

When All Is Said and Done

Dirty talk isn’t only reserved for the openly promiscuous. By engaging in dirty talk with your partner, you ignite neural pathways that deepen your connection and attraction. For more tips on letting love in and embracing confidence, check out the Commitment Connection digital programs on Irresistible Texts and How to Seduce His Mind!

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