9 Dirty Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend (He’ll LOVE These)

What do guys want to hear in dirty texting, anyway? You might have an idea of what the average man longs to hear from an attractive woman…

Then again you might be surprised to know that a lot of men really don’t like all the dirty talking clichés in porn or erotica books. They want the personal experience and not something they can just Google in a few seconds.

If you’re never dirty-texted anyone, or even thought about “dirty” things to say to a guy, then your first chat might be a little intimidating. In the past, we’ve mentioned some tips on how to sound more natural when texting dirty, but this time we’re going to give you a few examples to try, while we also explain why they work. Here are nine dirty texts that work very well for a man who’s either falling for you (and one you’re definitely going to make love to) or a guy you’ve just slept with and

1. “I’m moaning so loud for you my roommate/neighbor can hear me!”

This is a great line because it plays on one of his senses (hearing) while also stroking his ego. Mention how your hot coupling is disturbing the peace and then escalate the scene further, all the way to your screaming orgasm.

2. “I’m touching myself right now thinking about you. Trying to be quiet because I’m not alone!”

Very kinky and it works not only because you give him a great visual, and a prompt (play along with me!) but you’re also teasing him by describing the “scene.” The scene is: you’re either at someone’s house, or with friends somewhere, or maybe even in a restroom at work. You’re touching yourself while other people are around because he’s turning you on like fire! What an ego boost for him!

3. “I’m going to f–k you so hard you won’t be able to feel your legs.”

Using a sexy threat works because most men fantasize about a woman who’s more aggressive in bed. Threaten him with explosive sex and then describe your dominant bedroom style to him in explicit detail. This is also good choreography to try on him the next time you make love in real living color!

4. “I love sucking on my lollipop. I wish it were something else.”

A tasty visual and a double entendre sure to get a big response from him! It’s a good line because it really encourages interaction and gets him involved in describing how he wants you to pleasure him.

5. “What’s the dirtiest, filthiest thing you’ve ever thought about me? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

Giving a man a blank check to think and text dirty, and in fact, challenging him to outdo your own thoughts, is a great way to get tension going. Most men are a bit shy when it comes to admitting how they fantasize about women they like and would love the freedom to say or “text” what they really think about.

6. “The next time I see you I’m going to undress you slowly. I’m going to unzip your pants. Then unbutton you one by one. One leg at a time. Then take my time pulling your boxers down. Then I’m going to kiss every inch of your body from your forehead to your feet.”

The visuals here are well done, as it’s taking him step by step, letting him feel each new touch. Not only is this a dirty series of texts, but it’s slowing things down and showing him how much fun dirty texting can be if you avoid too much sexual description too soon. Have fun with foreplay and then move onto more explicit action when he’s jazzed about it and ready to contribute even more.

7. “I was just thinking about the last time we were together. How badly I wanted you. You make me so hot…I can’t even put clothes on. Just come over here fast.”

Not only is this a time-sensitive dirty text, but you’re also telling him that he arouses you—you’re rewarding him for working harder to please you. A man loves to please a woman and so his “reward” in this case is you describing how good he makes you feel.

8. Describe what you’re wearing and “slow torture” him.

Sometimes the best dirty texts are the ones that make him wait for it. Rather than fast-forwarding to “naked!” spend some time describing a sexy outfit to your man. Describe to him the tank top and shorts you’re wearing, or the tight jeans, or the black lacy bra and panties. Get him drooling and aching for you by painting him sexy visuals—not just hardcore fun.

9. “I want you to take me and pin me to the bed. Then f__k me missionary. Then grab my breasts while you thrust into me harder and faster.”

Make it easy on him and tell him exactly what you want him to do, rather than leaving it up to him. This obviously works best if your guy is following your lead or if he’s playing the sexting game too fast and needs to slow it down a little. Start by telling him what you like and then describe what you want him to do. Not only does this make him hot, it might also help him focus more on details, since you’re coming up with the action of the scene. He can describe feelings, textures, sensations, and other erotic details that go along with your action. Guys will enjoy this approach, especially if they’re feeling a bit shy and want you to show them you’re already a dirty texting pro!

Remember, dirty texting is about the intimate experience. So don’t focus on just the dirty…give more attention to the experience. Dirty texting can be even better than sex because it’s so vivid, personal and yet with comfortable distant. Use that to your advantage and amaze him with your sexting skills!

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