How to Make a Guy Miss You Over Text

How to Make a Guy Miss You Over Text

Coming up with witty texts to send to a guy may be easier said than done after the two of you break up. This is because, as much as you want to make him smile and miss you after you’re no longer together, coming up with something clever, engaging, and sweet to say can be quite challenging.

It doesn’t matter if you are a word guru or have written countless blog articles–finding the right words to send someone you were once in a relationship with and truly loved may require all your skills and patience. You will also want to find out about ways on how to make him miss you if you are to have any chance of success. 

You may think you know him well if you were together for a significant amount of time, and you may feel that you have some tried-and-true ways of getting him to miss you just as you miss him—but there lies the challenge. First, you have to ask yourself if it is okay to tell a guy you miss him. Once you have a satisfactory answer to this question, you can start to formulate some text messages. 


Guys Appreciate Sweet Texts

Women get cute texts all the time, but I can tell you that they aren’t the only ones who smile at their phones when they hear that ping. The truth is that when guys open text messages that appear routine but aren’t, they break out into a big smile. This is because men also want to feel loved and missed by their former partners–they don’t want to think that you are sitting somewhere wondering how to make them think you don’t care anymore

If you need some great ideas for cute and sweet texts that will make him miss you, think of how you would want your ex-lover to talk to you. Take inspiration from some of the previous messages he sent you during your relationship. Make them your own, reword them a bit, and send the restructured text to him.


Text Messages That Will Make Him Miss You

If you desperately want to know what kinds of texts will make your man miss you after a breakup, step back for a minute. Think about the kind of messages that appeal to your emotions of love and compassion because those are the ones that he will best respond to the best.

Tune into your true feelings and find a way to express them–this will make him smile, eventually causing him to miss what you guys once had. Above all, try to be as genuine as possible because he will more than likely know if you are not.

Here is a short list of some text messages guaranteed to make him miss you and leave him smiling from ear to ear.

  • “You are unique, and I believe we were meant for each other.”
  • “I am so proud of you and what we accomplished together.”
  • “I cannot express how much better my life was with you in it.”
  • “I imagine spending forever with you.”
  • “I adore you.”

Regardless of how long you were together, I can attest to the fact that just about any guy would love to receive texts like these–they will make him feel appreciated and put a smile on his face. These kinds of texts show that you can express yourself in a more forward and loving manner than you probably were doing at the end of your relationship. 

One of the issues many women have is that they tend to give up too quickly when they feel a man is not responding to their texts the way they want–this is a mistake. Remember that men digest information differently than women, but that doesn’t mean the message isn’t getting to them. It’s best that you don’t give up or lose interest too quickly; in some cases, the two of you might be closer than you think. Just hold on a bit longer, and you may be able to salvage the relationship you invested so many years of your life into.

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