Is It Okay to Tell a Guy You Miss Him?

Is It Okay to Tell a Guy You Miss Him?

We’ve all been at that point of a relationship where we just want to be with our special person all the time. But what do you do when he suddenly pulls back? Instinct tells you to express how you feel—to tell him that you miss him. But is this the right step? It depends–while it’s definitely okay to tell a guy you miss him, there’s a right time to do it. And if your timing’s off or the way that you tell him comes off too aggressive, then you might as well be opening the door for him to leave. So what do you do, instead? The key is to know how to make a man miss you; these tricks empower you in the relationship and get your partner to yearn for you, instead.


Do Guys Like to Know You Miss Them?

Do guys miss their crush, and do they like to know that their crush misses them, too?

Every person likes to know that they’re missed, even the most aloof and guarded guys. This is especially true when the message comes from someone special to them; however, that doesn’t give you an excuse to smother another. Everyone also needs some space, and for guys, the space you give them is essential for keeping a relationship desirable.


How to Make a Guy Miss You

Instead of desperately seeking the attention of your beau, you should instead learn how to be a presence that they grow to miss. Here are some ways to do it:


Avoid Contact

The saying is true: “Silence makes the heart grow fonder.” Your man can’t miss you if you’re constantly messaging him, reacting to his posts, or making your presence feel known one way or another. Generate some space between you two, and allow him to realize on his own that he was much happier when you were there.


Leave Him Wanting More

Don’t give him all of you. Always keep him hanging–don’t tell him everything, be the one to end the conversation, and never let him know your next move. Learn how to make a guy miss you over text, too—this is possible by simply holding yourself back. Leave him wanting more each time.


Say “No”

If he can say “No,” so can you! Don’t put him on a pedestal. Enjoy your life as you would and, better yet, share it online so he can say that your time, which was once dedicated to him, is still being spent well. He’ll soon realize that he has to be a part of your world.


How to Tell a Guy You Miss Them Without Being Too Needy

If you really can’t help yourself and want to tell your man that you miss him, just heed these three simple pieces of advice so that you don’t seem too clingy:


Leave Hints

Instead of saying you miss him outright, leave subtle hints that express your feelings. Keep your messages short, tell him about specific moments when you thought of him, tell a few jokes, or some things along those lines. Never overdo it; don’t bare your soul to him because he might take that as a red flag.


Let Your Actions Speak

Sometimes, you don’t even need words to convey your longing. Let your actions speak for you, but still be discreet about it!


Time It Correctly

Don’t tell a guy you miss him after just spending a few hours with him. Time your expression correctly so that it doesn’t come off as needy, and let some time pass before you tell him how you feel.


What if He Doesn’t Miss Me, Too?

If he doesn’t reciprocate your longing, then you have two choices: you can either bring up a conversation about your relationship or simply drop him. You deserve someone who wants to be with you. That could be your current beau—it’s just that he needs a bit of a push to realize it—or it could be the next guy you set your eyes on. Know your worth, and plan your next step carefully!

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