Make Him Think You Don't Care Anymore

How to Make Him Think You Don’t Care Anymore

When someone ignores you, it’s not uncommon to suddenly want to spend more time with that person. The situation can become such that even if the guy believes you have no interest, he may start paying more attention to you. In fact, this is one of the seven ways to make a man miss you

In the beginning, he may not even realize it, but getting close to you could be his primary goal. As we all know, most guys love a challenge. Oftentimes, a woman becomes more appealing once he starts to think that she doesn’t care about him anymore. This type of behavior lends support to the expression: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If after a breakup he starts to miss you, your ex will want you more. This will happen regardless of how hard you try to make him think that you don’t care about him anymore–this will eventually give you more power and the upper hand in the relationship. 

The trick is making him think you don’t care for as long as possible by showing him a carefree attitude whenever he calls or approaches you. He will become more attentive if he sees that you are doing well on your own. Soon, he will be treating you the way you always wanted, giving your relationship a possible fresh start. You also need to make him see that you are worthy of affection, kindness, love, and respect, especially if he never showed you these things while you were together.

The big question remains: how do you make him think you don’t care anymore? For some women, this may be harder than they think because of emotional attachments, but it is doable. Here are a few techniques that you can use to make this happen:


Keep Your Texts Short and to the Point

Wondering how to make a guy miss you over text? One of the simplest ways of making your ex believe that you don’t care about him anymore is how you write your text messages. Ensure your responses are short and to the point whenever he reaches out. You can use terms like “Ok,” “Sure,” or a thumbs-up emoji. The point is not to engage him more than you have to–this will make him think that you don’t wish to communicate with him and that there is no room for conversations that may cause you two to get back together.


Include Other Guys in Your Social Media Postings

Technology offers many advantages; one of them is allowing you to show the world and your ex that your life is moving forward after a breakup. If you include other guys in your posts, even if it’s not romantic in any way, your ex will believe that you have moved on and are no longer thinking about him. These can be pictures of your friends, work colleagues, or long-distance male relatives. The point is to show him that you are no longer hung up on him and what he thinks about your social media posts.


Avoid Talking About Him to Friends and Family

It would be best if you stopped talking about him to people who can relay what you said back to your ex. This means that if you have mutual friends and family and they happen to ask about what happened, avoid the topic by shrugging it off or saying as little as possible. Make sure that any answers you give are brief.


Do Not Meet Up With Him

You must avoid getting together with your ex if you want him to believe that you don’t think about him anymore. Whenever he asks for a meeting or a date, find an excuse to get out of it–the key is to keep your distance. 


Final Thoughts

Even though you may want to make him believe that he is no longer on your mind, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if you want to give your ex another chance. Never forget that you always have the right to say “yes” or “no.”

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