How to Know if No Contact Is Working.

How to Know if No Contact Is Working

If you are here, chances are you’ve decided to try a no-contact period. And while it is completely acceptable to wonder what he is thinking during no contact and what the signs may be that no contact is not working, I hope you are taking the time to focus on yourself and find confidence in who you are as a person and as a partner. 

I’m proud of you for getting to where you are now. It’s difficult, I know–whether you are a week into your no-contact period or nearing the finish line, you are thinking ahead. You’ve cut all communication with your ex, hoping to get him back, and plan to see it through to the end. 

You’re probably already curious about how you’ll initiate contact after your no-contact period, but there’s a bigger question you want to address right now: is going no-contact working? 


Signs That It’s Working 


He Reaches Out 

While there is no guarantee that going no-contact will work, you will know you are on the right track if your ex initiates communication with you. 

It’s simple–the psychology behind the no-contact rule is that the more unavailable and unattainable you become, the more likely your ex will try to reach out. An ex that has a hard time getting a hold of you might become desperate–he might try to reach out through other methods, like social media or email. 

There is no timeline of when an ex might reach out, but if he does, it’s a telltale sign that being no-contact is working its magic. 


He’s Asking Around

Your ex might be too shy or too stubborn to reach out to you directly. Maybe he has reached out to you directly, but you’re sticking to the no-contact rule and staying silent. For that, I applaud you!

Here’s a little secret—a man who can’t get answers directly from you might try to find other ways to check in on you. If having no contact is working, don’t be surprised if you get word that he’s asking around about you. 


You Are Feeling Good

Yes–the no-contact rule is an approach often used to get an ex back. But one important sign that it’s working is when you are feeling good about yourself. 

Look, it’s normal to feel anxious and heartbroken after a breakup, but while you might have spent the beginning of your no-contact period longing for your partner, you might soon find yourself taking on new hobbies and focusing on your own life. There’s nothing better than realizing that you are well into the process of moving on. 


Dating Sparks Your Curiosity

The breakup probably left you feeling gloomy and worried you’d never find anyone as great as your ex. Maybe that thought still crosses your mind, or maybe you’ve given your relationship a lot of thought and feel hopeful about the idea of starting things over with him. 

But don’t be surprised if you find yourself open to the idea of meeting new people, or considering the possibility of being in another relationship down the road. These are all great signs that you are healing and growing through the pain of your heartbreak–good things are on the horizon!

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