10 Signs You’re The Only One For Him

One of the trickiest questions in dating is “How do I know when a guy falls for me?” And this is particularly important because many women consider a man “falling in love” as the right time to have sex.

Makes sense…you make a man wait. He falls for you, by the time you have sex for the first time he’s emotionally connected to you.

Still, that’s not a guarantee. The goal is not to have sex with a guy in hopes of locking him down into a commitment. The goal should be to have sex when you’re ready and when he’s ready—meaning he’s emotionally invested in you.

The reason why he’s going to make you his girlfriend is not that he feels obligated to—it’s because even after sex, he still feels the intense emotional connection. In fact, it only grows stronger and more compelling the longer you date.

But many women may have trouble reading these signals. How do you know if a man is in love? Perhaps an even more important question is how do you know if a man is falling for you so hard that he stops seeing other women and focuses his attention exclusively on you?

You want to know that you’re the only one for him, that you’re his main squeeze and real girlfriend material beyond his other romantic interests.

When in doubt, always look to the signs. How does he behave around you? What are his daily patterns like? Here are 10 signs that he’s really in love with you and that he knows deep down you’re the only one he wants.

1. He always makes you feel good about yourself.

Real love means that you both have a beneficial effect on each other. You’re happier, you both feel safe, and you generally have a peaceful life together. Your lives are enriched by being together. In contrast, bad relationships seem to have a negative effect on both of your lives.

2. He feels at home and is mostly “chill” and relaxed.

Unhappy men are definitely easy to stop! But if the good moments far outweigh the bad, then it’s very likely he’s found peace in his relationship with you. He feels at home and his dealing with you are always affectionate.

3. There are no secrets because you both can be yourself.

He can be himself and is a better version of himself. Why? Because you have that effect on him. You can also express yourself freely, not only because he encourages your opinion and feelings, but also because you don’t have to worry about upsetting him. He’s mature enough to handle disagreements.

4. He always finds ways to minimize conflict and negotiate a compromise.

It’s inevitable that the two of you will clash. But when you’re upset or he gets upset, his focus is not on being proven right. He wants to talk things out, get rid of the conflict and focus on negotiating. He wants to find solutions. Men don’t really do this when they’re in a bad relationship. They either leave completely or they fight nonstop, wanting to dominate the conversation and be proven right. Mutual respect between the two of you is what keeps the peace.

5. His personality and life goals are very similar to your own.

A man will never stop looking for “the one” until he finds someone that matches him. That’s his priority. Sex may not be the most important thing…but lifestyle matches are surprisingly important. He wants to make sure you have the same goals, the same aims in life, and the same outlook. He wants to make sure you can keep up with his lifestyle and career. He also wants to know that your morals and values are similar to his, if not the same. Studies show that couples with shared values always have the longest-lasting marriages. It’s easy to understand why…when you’re both going to the same ultimate destination, you really don’t want to part ways. Life is much easier when you’re together, united and moving forward.

6. He is impressed with your independence.

Most men tend to like women who don’t “need them” but want them. The chemistry is right, their lives match and they have so much fun together. The only reason you’re together is that you enjoy each other’s company. THAT’S why the relationship is working. It’s not a matter of dependency, as in you need him to be happy, or to survive financially. You’re strong individually. You can both come together and make a stronger family unity. If he respects you as much as he adores you, he is definitely holding on to you!

7. He is more than happy to introduce you to his family and friends.

He’s not afraid to introduce you to the most important people in his life. Mom, dad, siblings, cousins and even his friends. He already thinks you fit in his world. He’s proud of you and wants his social circle to accept you. This is a good sign that you’re the right one, since bad matches never get within 100 feet of his family!

8. He’s not just a good provider…he’s always available for you during an emergency.

A man who’s falling for you is happy to provide for you. Whatever your needs are, even if you just need moral support and companionship, he’s always ready and willing to keep you.

Even better though, he’s always ready to help you in an emergency—even if it’s inconvenient. Whether it’s lifesaving emergencies or even minor errands that you have to take care of, he is there for you and doesn’t complain. He is taking on the role of boyfriend, not just a lover. He’s in this for the long-term!

9. He’s losing interest in other women…because you’re the best!

Men will always be on the prowl…that is until they find someone who completely fulfills them emotionally, sexually and intellectually. Once he finds his ideal match, he gravitates towards you and spends far less time chasing after other women.

Why? It’s not only because he likes you and not only because he wants to show you his commitment. It’s also because he knows he must work harder to keep your attention. If you’ve followed our advice on staying busy and getting him to chase you, then this should keep him occupied.

He won’t have the desire or the time to chase after other women—not if he’s thoroughly immersed in your world. He will also find that other women just don’t offer the same emotional connection that he gets with you.

He may still look at other women…but it’s only physical attraction. What he has with you has grown beyond that.

10. He actually talks about the future!

Most men are scared as hell to talk about the future. They don’t want to jinx the way things are with talk of marriage, children and 20 years from now.

But for the man who’s already fallen for you, he’s actually eager to talk about the future because he’s afraid of losing you! That shows just how important to his life you’ve become.

How do you know if you’re the only one for him? Of course, by the exclusive attention he gives you! A man in love only wants to talk about his amazing girlfriend. His energy and joy will be contagious. Enjoy that feeling and let him know he’s the only one for you too!

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  • Wendy Pile

    Reply Reply May 9, 2018

    The man I was with for a year and a 1/2 did all of these things. He talked about me as his future wife, wanted to add on to his house for me and my daughter to move in. Then he abruptly left me for another woman saying he thought we missed our time and didn’t know if we were a good fit. That was 4 months ago and I’m still just as hurt and confused today as I was then. Can you give me any insight as to what happened or what I did wrong? I greatly appreciate it.

    • Elle

      Reply Reply March 28, 2019

      Hi Wendy,

      We need some better context.
      There are only two possibilities here: either he was lying the whole time, or he was telling the truth and then changed his mind.

      But you need to provide more details! What was your relationship like? Did you fight a lot? What did you talk about when you spoke? Etc….
      The more information the better

  • Julia

    Reply Reply August 17, 2019

    Wow….thanks for these. Its really true.

  • Mishy

    Reply Reply August 17, 2019

    This guy and I have been seeing each other almost 1.5 years and we recently reconnected. We are as attracted to each other as ever. His aging and ill mom has been loving with him and he was caring for her on top of dealing with his job, kids n their mishaps (which the mom thing was his main excuse for not being in a relationship). I left him alone n tried dating others… he even knew about one of the guys…. fast forward to now, I reached out n we have been in contact again and his mom has mostly been staying at his brothers. This has greatly reduced his stress level. It seems he expects ME to be he first to text. Is this ok??? He very very rarely texts first but always responds right away. After our ‘first’ date as we were reconnecting he had been like ‘well we had a good time and then I never heard from you….’ (almost like what a woman would say). I really think he is interested in me but expects me to text first and obviously this makes me feel weird. Background : he is 49 and I am 43. He’s said he doesn’t like texting. I just don’t know. Thank you.

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