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How to Get Him Back After He Moved on

In some cases, moving on isn’t an option if your heart was broken by the love of your life. This may be because you are heavily invested emotionally or you feel that you gave him the best years of your life. Whatever the case, it’s still possible to salvage a broken relationship and see it blossom into something beautiful. Understanding why guys pull away and then come back may help, but it’s important to note that for a reconciliation to work, both parties must be ready to put in the work.

It’s also crucial to exercise some level of restraint regardless of how badly you want him back. Otherwise, you may come off as being desperate, and he may not want you back. So, here are some tips to consider if you want to get him back after he has moved on:

Consider What You Really Want

Sometimes, you may not have a good reason for wanting him back. This may be because you’ve tried dating other individuals, but nothing worked out and you’re lonely. Most people want to get back with their ex because they can’t imagine a life without them. Can you get back together after a bad breakup? Yes, but you need to ensure you have a valid reason for wanting him back to avoid falling into the same trap again.

Cut Off All Communication

Begin by cutting off all communication, including social media. Giving your relationship some space may be what’s needed for you to become desirable to your ex again. He’s most likely to wonder why you’ve gone silent all of a sudden and may end up reaching out to you.

Investigate What Caused the Breakup

Begin by asking yourself who was at fault. Of course, you should avoid blaming yourself or him entirely–instead, take responsibility for the role you played. You can then take the necessary steps to make changes and improve yourself. By finding the cause of your present predicament, you’re setting yourself up for success when you get back together with him.

Apologizing Can Go a Long Way

Apologizing for your behavior can help both of you pick up where you left off in the relationship. However, it’s easier said than done and may require you to swallow your pride. Contrary to popular belief, apologizing isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Apologizing can also go a long way in showing how much you’ve changed and grown since you were last together.

Your Happiness Is Paramount

It’s much better to get out more and spend time with friends instead of sitting at home alone wallowing in your misery. You should also consider taking yourself on dates and cultivating self-love instead of waiting for someone else to take you out. This way, you’ll be able to love him in a much more healthy way once you’re back together.

Find Ways to Improve Yourself

If you’ve been neglecting yourself and your needs while you’ve been feeling down, you’re doing yourself a disservice. If you find you don’t feel the need to look and feel your best, you may be suffering from depression and should consider seeking professional help. If you’re not battling depression, consider finding ways to work toward self-improvement.

Make Him Jealous–Subtly

By now, you most likely know him well and know which buttons to push to make him jealous. However, you shouldn’t take it too far–for example, you can post a photo with a male friend on social media. Employ this tactic and your ex may end up reaching out to you to ask about the mysterious guy you’re with in the post.

In Conclusion

There isn’t one proven tactic that will be sure to help you get over someone you’ve loved for years or that will make sure you get someone back who has moved on. The most important thing to do is to work on yourself first before you reconnect with your ex, or before you begin dating anyone again. You can also always reach out to a relationship coach or mental health professional if you need a bit more help.

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