how long a guy will chase you

How Long Will a Guy Chase You?

How long a guy will chase you will depend on you, the man, and the relationship you’re in. It’s not true that guys give up easily during the chase. In fact, a lot of men keep up with it for a long time, especially if they’re greatly interested in the woman they’re pursuing. But some men can tire from chasing someone; those that easily throw off their figurative running shoes often do so because they realize that the chase isn’t worth it, that they aren’t interested after all, or that there doesn’t seem to be a future in the relationship despite their efforts. 

So, it’s important that you know how to make him chase you in a way that you get your desired results. That way, you command all of his attention and can begin the partnership of adoration that you deserve.

The amount of time a guy will chase you will depend on him, on you, and on how your relationship is going. If a guy truly loves you, then he’ll keep chasing you as long as it takes—though you shouldn’t keep him hanging that long. Some guys, however, might tire from the chase or realize that they want something else along the way. So, if you’re playing the chasing game, it’s important to recognize these cues to ensure that you’re keeping him in the right balance so he keeps chasing you without giving up.

What You Need to Know About the Chase

The chase can be both positive and negative. On one hand, it’s fun and exhilarating; it brings a bit of creativity and curiosity to the dating scene. On the other hand, it can be exhausting and can pull down someone’s self-esteem. 

The chase is sort of like a game, so you have to have some strategies in place and you have to play the field intelligently. It’s important to know what guys find attractive in a girl and use this knowledge to your advantage–but you also have to play your cards right because, when it comes to whether or not guys get turned off if you chase them, things can go either way. Some people like being chased, while others see it as a red flag.

How to Get a Man to Chase You

If you really like a person, you’ll want to put yourself in a situation where they’re the one chasing you. This will reassure you that they reciprocate your feelings while putting you in the dominant seat of the relationship. Here are some things that you can do to get a man to chase you:

Be Confident

Men love women who are proud of their own skin. They find confident women attractive, and they’re more likely to chase them as they’re attracted by the energy they exude as well. They want to feed off of that security so they can feel good about themselves, too.

Always Leave a Good Impression

Get a man to chase you by showing him the positives. If he can only associate good things with you, he’ll keep wanting to experience those and chase you to be able to do so. When you’re out with him, put your best foot forward and focus on giving him the best times!

Don’t Give Everything Away

When you expose everything to a man, he may grow uninterested because he’ll think he’ll have figured you out and there’s nothing else for him to discover. Be mysterious, and always keep him wanting more. That way, there’s always a reason for him to seek you out and learn more about you.

Learn More Tips to Get a Man to Chase You

The best way to get a man to chase you is to employ dating strategies that are grounded in psychology and biology. That way, you can play on the instincts of a man and be sure that you’re tugging on the right strings to keep him interested and motivated. Get tips like these from Commitment Connection experts to learn how to get a man to chase you for a long time and eventually achieve the relationship you’ve yearned for—and deserve!

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