How to Ask a Guy Out (6 Keys That Work)

If you’ve ever been friend-zoned by a guy you like before, then you know how frustrating it is to have strong feelings but to be neglected, ignored and passed over. And while we’d all like to believe that some guys are just really shy and want you to make the first move…

I have to be realistic here and say, you know, it could be something else.

Maybe he just doesn’t think of you as a woman he’s interested in romantically. Maybe he sees you as a friend.

If that’s the case, then all you’re thinking about right now is confessing how you feel and hopefully then asking him out. Right?

First of all, yes, it is about time that you get this “thing between you two” out of the way. It’s miserable to live with an unspoken love. At some point, you just want to know how he feels rather than miss an opportunity because of fear.

But I ask you this: before you make your feelings known and risk embarrassing yourself (if he says he’s not interested in you) please take to heart these six seduction techniques. These will make the big “Confession” so much more alluring.

1. Don’t just blurt your feelings out. That’s not sexy, not attractive. It’s weakness, which is not what he wants to see or hear from you.

Your friend is almost guaranteed to freak out when you just tell him how you feel. Guys are not really used to the “direct approach”.

What you want to do instead is TEST THE SEXUAL CHEMISTRY in a more subtle and fun way. Your goal is to get him looking at you in a different way—as something more than just a friend.

2. Compliment him casually.

Compliments are no big deal, but chances are, you’ve avoided telling him anything positive because you weren’t sure how he would react. Stop worrying about it. Just give him a casual physical compliment.

Don’t make it too over-the-top. Keep it natural and make it seem almost impulsive, as if you’re impressed with how cute he looks. This is the first way you SHOW him how you feel, instead of trying to explain it.

3. Don’t let him razz you like a little sister…start acting like a woman, one he doesn’t yet DESERVE.

Men do enjoy “little sister-ing” some of their female friends and this sometimes involves a physical “smacking” kind of relationship. You know, tapping you on the shoulder, holding hands, arms around you…

Put a stop to that. You need to send a subtle message that friends don’t deserve that intimacy. That’s reserved for a man who’s romantically interested. Avoid his friendship gestures while using touching to stimulate his sexual desire. Make your touches softer, more lingering, and with gentle grazes of your body to his. He will consider it unusual…and get an incline of attraction.

Also, change the way you look at him. Before you looked at him as an adoring (and crushing) friend. Learn to look deeper, into his soul, and make him feel a connection. BUT just when he thinks you’re starting to stare at him, avert your eyes and go about your business. Your goal is to make him feel intense moments of connection, but not actually CONFIRM anything he feels.

Now the sexual tension is activated, without a single word. You’re letting him wonder… “Is there something going on between us?” That’s exactly where you want to be.

4. Make him curious by taunting him with a feeling rather than confessing to him your heart.

Rather than make him uncomfortable with the truth, try playing with this feeling between the two of you. Flirt with him more frequently, but keep it mindless and funny. Use double entendres if it feels natural—just to see him laugh nervously.

Now here’s the tricky part. Make him feel sexually attracted to you by giving him just a HINT of naughty talk. Don’t discuss anything between the two of you. Simply give him a glimpse into your sexy nightlife (through text or phone). Casually mention sex in passing, or how you think another man is attractive. Stimulate his jealousy without seeming too obvious about it.

Put your sexy voice on, but keep the volume down towards “soft and suggestive” rather than throaty and sexy. Subtle is always better in this case.

In this instance, you’re toying with his attraction to you. You’re basically making a negative (you’re in love with him and feeling hopeless) into a POSITIVE (it’s fun to flirt with him and see what he does).

5. Be the opposite of a controlling would-be girlfriend. Instead, be the strong, independent woman who’s OUT OF HIS LEAGUE.

This means you are not possessive of him. You don’t care if he’s dating someone else. You encourage him to go do his thing while you do yours. Let him feel free when he’s with you. This part is very important because you must be able to keep this attitude regardless of whether he wants to date you or not. If you can’t allow him his independence, you may also ruin the friendship you currently have.

6. Be a BETTER friend and don’t worry so much about confession.

Yes, it seems ironic that I’m telling you the best way to turn your guy friend into a lover is to AVOID confessing your crush like it’s a dirty secret, and instead, to actually SEDUCE him into making a move on you.

I’m telling you what works. If you approach a man in weakness, he won’t respond the way you think he should. But if you carry yourself as strong, confident and possibly interested, he will take you seriously.

Concentrate on being a better friend. Support him and ask him about his hobbies, personal interests, and career goals. Be there when he asks you for a favor. Spend time with him, among mutual friends and let him become “addicted” to your calming presence.

Give him the gift of missing you and as often as possible, be BUSY and do not wait around for him. Train him to see that he really does have to try to get your attention. He has to put forth the effort. And you will reward him for that effort, confirming the evidence that HE HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU TOO. It’s not one-sided. It’s a mutual connection taking place!

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