How to Dirty Text Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

How to Dirty Text Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

If someone told you a long-distance relationship was easy, you would look at them like they’re crazy. Being away from your partner for long periods of time can lead to loneliness and feeling disconnected.

Despite the challenges, long-distance relationships are a reality. In 2022 alone, 1.14 million people in the United States were in long-distance relationships. Over half of all long-distance relationships also result in marriage. So, while a long-distance relationship can be stressful, it can also be worth it for the right person.

Maintaining a sense of physical intimacy is a serious hurdle in long-distance relationships. In fact, 66% of people in these relationships claim that the lack of physical intimacy is the biggest obstacle for them. It’s no wonder 75% of people in a relationship engage in dirty texting (also known as “sexting”) to keep the heat going.

When you don’t know how dirty texts you send to your boyfriend will go over with him, getting started can be intimidating. With our tips on how to sext and stay irresistible, no matter the miles between you, you will keep that passion alive during your time apart.

How to Hook Him Without Emojis

Dirty talk, when done correctly, will make you feel closer to your partner and allow for sensual, open communication between you two. A common misconception is that dirty talk has to be the aggressive, raunchy lingo you might hear from a dominatrix. The best dirty talk is personal to you, your partner, and both of your desires–this means it can be sweet, loving, or even funny. When you stay true to what turns you on, you bond with your partner.

Be Playful

When you’re first learning how to talk dirty to your boyfriend online, it’s okay to admit you’re new to this. Be honest and forthcoming about wanting to try something new, and pose it as an adventure for both of you. After all, what man would turn down his lady’s request for a steamy exchange?

Let him know any topics that you aren’t comfortable with, and ask what his limits are as well. Once you know each other’s boundaries, you will have the freedom to explore new fantasies.

Be Descriptive

If you have a specific fantasy or a certain sexy memory with your boyfriend you want to reminisce about, tell him. Give him all the delicious details a romance novelist would dive into. Descriptive language ignites different areas of our brain that offer a faint simulation of the sensations that arouse us. 

Not much of a writer? No worries. Start slow with a question. Ask him “what would you do if…?” and insert your secret desire. Once you get a feel for the direction he wants to take, you can match his energy.

Have Fun With It

Dirty talk is an intimate activity to do with your man. Intimacy can bring about unexpected delights or enlighten us with new information about ourselves and our relationships. During physical intimacy, awkward moments happen. You giggle or hiccup. Those moments are what make intimacy raw and real.

When you take the pressure off yourself and can laugh off any missteps or goofy typos, you build memories with your boyfriend. Life isn’t perfectly polished, so don’t worry if your intimate messages aren’t either.

Feel Empowered in Love

When you can’t see your partner every day, it’s easy to feel anxious or bored. Introducing dirty texting and learning how to get your boyfriend to talk dirty over text can rebuild a sense of closeness while satisfying both of your desires. For more tips on thriving in your long-distance relationship, check out the Long Distance Allure program from Commitment Connection!

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