How to Know if He Likes You (6 Signs That Tell You The Truth)

A man can be somewhat deceptive when it comes to showing their true feelings—especially if he likes you. Many men tend to avoid admitting their true feelings and attraction because their either fear rejection or they think they you want them to play it cool. Either way, a man will usually go out of his way to appear like a platonic friend…and then test you, to see if there are any “interested” signals.

In the past, we’ve talked about flirty conversation and how men tend to volunteer effort to impress the women they like. But in this article, we’re going to go backwards and actually discuss what a man does if he likes you, but hasn’t yet approached you and made his interest in you known.

Maybe he’s said hello a few times but he still hasn’t taken a risk in asking you out or starting a full conversation. He may be waiting for you to send him receptive signals. Here are a few ways in which a man shows his true colors.

1. He looks into your eyes and speaks in a lower-toned voice.

While these two things can be “faked” by a player personality, they are NEVER present in a strictly platonic friendship. When a man likes you, he goes into a “sexual state of mind.” He wants to impress you so he communicates intimacy in his eyes. He looks at you without breaking away. He also speaks in a lower tone voice, showing off his masculinity.

Even if you’ve never spoken to him before, you will notice him staring at you from a distance as if he desires to start a conversation. When a man likes you everything about his body language screams, “I want to get to know you!”

2. He subconsciously mirrors your energy and pace.

Mirroring is something we involuntarily, when we desire to bond as friends or as lovers. You match the other person’s energy. You match their speaking style and even the pace they walk. Scientific studies show that men automatically match the pace of the woman they love—they either slow down or speed up to stay at her level. This mirroring creates a feeling of empathy, understanding and trust. It shows that one person wants to communicate with the other and meet them on their level. If a man seems to change his natural style and adapt to you, it’s a very good sign.

3. He grooms himself while talking to you or before talking to you.

It doesn’t take a vain man to pat his hair down and fidget with his outfit—it just takes a man who is aware of an attractive woman nearby. He wants to look his best and eliminate all flaws. Instinctively, he will touch his hair, fidget with their clothes or do some other nervous gestures that indicate grooming. He wants to look his best so that he can perform at his best. A man who doesn’t feel any attraction probably won’t bother.

4. He not only sends you bedroom eyes…he stays in your vicinity.

Men, regardless of whether they’re talking to you or watching you from a distance, will make an effort to stay close to you. Their feet will point in your direction and they will try to gradually walk closer into your personal space. Most guys don’t just walk up to a woman from all the way across the room. They slowly make their way over to your side of the room, so as not to surprise you. They want to seem natural and relaxed when they start a conversation, so they gravitate towards you quietly.

5. When he does talk to you he aggressively flirts.

Men who are really into you aggressively flirt. A man who’s either an experienced flirt or a platonic friend tend to be much more low key about their warmth and enthusiasm. A man that flirts aggressively though tries to make you like him:

• He’s always trying to make you laugh.
• He’s telling stories about himself.
• He’s subtly bragging about his accomplishments or positive personality traits.
• When he texts you he sends a lot of emojis to influence the feeling of the conversation
• He teases you and mocks you in gentle ways
• He compliments you (but then teases you again, trying to be cool)
• He finds reasons to touch you, on the arm, hand, shoulder, etc.

6. Your friends all give you funny looks.

Sometimes we really are too close to a situation to analyze it objectively. That’s what friends are for. Sometimes friends can pick up on the vibes or lack thereof that we don’t see. Friends may be able to relay to you looks that you missed, or information you don’t have about a person—such as his habit of flirting mindlessly with everyone!

If you really want to read a guy’s behavior, ask a friend to be present the next time you and your crush talk. It’s best if you don’t introduce her to your crush directly…instead have her wait in the background quietly, if the setting calls for it. (A party with a group of people would be ideal) Then, she will report back what she noticed. Let her know beforehand that you want her to be honest and ask her to look for any specific signals your crush may have sent. Your friend may also have personal experience to offer in their own dating life, about how men communicate and the double meanings a gesture might have.

The point is, that when men like you, they DO put forth greater than average effort to get your attention. A man who likes you as a friend, or who flirts with everybody, will take the path of “least resistance” – he will only give you attention when it’s convenient. A man who likes you will chase you—this is the thrill of romance!

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