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3 Ways To Intensify Your Orgasms and Intimacy During Lovemaking

Did you know that one of the best ways to intensify orgasms and the overall lovemaking experience is by having prolonged foreplay? It’s true. Including “prolonged foreplay,” you’re about to learn three ways to add new levels of passion and excitement to your lovemaking that will bring you and your partner even closer. So here…

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How to Behave After Sleeping with a Guy

Uh oh! You might have had sex with your guy crush a little too early. I always say, “Don’t sleep with him until he falls for you.” But let’s face it, not every guy is going to say, “I’m in love with you, let’s make love!” No, guys are going to be just as guarded…

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When to Have Sex With a Guy

It seems like more women are asking a familiar question nowadays: Why is it that when I date guys, they always lose interest in me after sex? Or this one…an actual question someone sent to me recently: Why is that most of the guys I date just seem self-absorbed and not interested in me at…

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Exactly How to Seduce a Man and Turn Him On

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am so awkward…I’m just going to seduce you with my awkwardness.” It’s funny, right? And yeah guess what? Sometimes awkward works. Sometimes you can just make a weird and uncomfortable move and sometimes the guy will kiss you back. Sometimes. But sometimes awkward doesn’t work. Sometimes the guy…

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5 Rules for Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits seems like such an easy and attractive deal, right? They sure made it look easy on Seinfeld and Friends. You just have all the sex you want, respect each other, make it clear that there is no romance, and go about living your life. It’s a form of safer sex (as opposed…

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4 Ways to Make Him Weak and Crazy About You

It’s no fun at all when a man is kind of interested in you and sort of attracted to you. You want to SEE, FEEL and SENSE that he’s crazy about you. You want a man to be weak at the knee and gawking a little inside that he’s lucky enough to have you. You…

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The Truth About Why He Really Left

The Truth About Why He Really Left…

I want to tell you about the dirty secret about why your ex boyfriend doesn’t want you back (and what you can do about it). How did he go from being your best friend and lover… to being cold, distant, and indifferent. In this video, you’ll learn the truth: Click here to watch the video…

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How to Make a Guy Sexually Addicted to You

How to Make a Guy Sexually Addicted to You (6 Steps That Always Work)

So you finally relented and gave the guy you really like what he wants most—sex! Great…now that it’s over and he got what he wanted, hopefully, he’ll stick around, fall in love, and you’ll both end up a perfect love story like Brangelina. Right? Er…bad example. Wait a minute! That didn’t happen…in fact, he seems…

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4 Reasons Men Love Dirty Talk And How to Get Started

4 Reasons Men Love Dirty Talk And How to Get Started Using It

Have you ever wondered why men love dirty talk so much? Have you ever been asked to talk dirty to a guy before and NOT known what to say? Have you ever fumbled around with it or avoided it altogether? The truth is that most men LOVE a woman who knows how to talk dirty

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2 Juicy Hot Reasons to Leave the Lights On During Sex

If you normally turn the lights off before having sex with your man, I have something very important to tell you… Many of us are very critical of our physical appearance. When we feel so insecure from all the marketing and media messages we receive every day, it’s no wonder we want to turn the…

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