Sex Position to Conceive a Baby (Use These to Get Pregnant)

As a species, we’ve spread around some absurd beliefs about sex and pregnancy. Do you remember the old myth growing up about how missionary position brings a boy and woman-on-top brings a girl?

Sadly, we still have a lot of dangerously ignorant information spreading around out there, such as the idea that the withdrawal method is effective birth control or that a girl can’t get pregnant if she fails to have an orgasm.

So that’s what we’re going to discuss today, some of the myths AND surprising truths about sex and pregnancy. While it’s not really true that you can select the gender of your child based on a sex position, there are strategies you can use to better your chances of getting pregnant. Let’s first consider the most effective positions and then move onto some more scientific and mind-boggling stuff that you should know if you’re trying to get pregnant.

1. Missionary

Missionary lets gravity work in your favor, so to speak, since sperm simply flows directly into the vaginal entrance and right towards your cervix. Woman-on-top is actually less effective because sperm has to swim upstream and so has a more challenging ride. Doctors also recommend you placing a pillow under your butt to slightly elevate your pelvis, since this is a more favorable angle for conception.

2. Spread Eagle or Legs on Shoulders

This is similar to missionary but actually is better for G-spot stimulation than missionary alone. The position actually lets the man’s sperm get closer to the cervix because of the tighter squeeze and angle.

3. Rear-Entry

This is another missionary-like position, but reversed. You lie on your stomach while the guy enters you from behind. This is a deep penetration position that not only has the same “gravity” advantage of missionary, but also reaches farther, so much that it can reach the “posterior fornix” of the vaginal wall.

4. Side by Side

Side by side still benefits from close contact, deep entry and no upward travelling. Side by side also has the benefit of being very close and intimate with your partner.

5. Doggy Style

Doggy style may not have “gravity” on its side but it still allows for very deep penetration, which helps accelerate sperm to the cervix.

6. Coital Alignment Technique

The CAT technique (explained ) is a similar position to missionary but with one slight variation. You start in missionary and spread your legs slightly. He supports his weight on his hands and stretches his body slightly in a Yoga Sphinx pose. He lies on your body and relaxes…then he slides his body upward toward your heard. Your jaw is on his shoulder and his hips are facing downward. This position results in better pelvic alignment and also a clitoral massage from his the base of his penis.

7. Wheel Barrow

A bit of an unorthodox position, but included here because of the tighter squeeze and deeper penetration. The man holds your legs and pelvis, as you rest your hands on the floor or a bed. Your thighs line up together and he enters you from behind, with a closer angle to the cervix.

8. Reverse Cowgirl

Now this might be confusing, since woman-on-top is known for NOT being as effective in pregnancy than other positions. However, statistically speaking about 20 percent of women have what’s called a retroverted uterus, which is a slightly “tipped” uterus. The angle complements the position, which involves an angled penis facing away from the man. Unlike woman-on-top, reverse cowgirl involves you sitting atop your partner but facing away from him, giving him plenty of butt to fondle and play with.

How Do You Get Pregnant?

There’s no scientific proof that gender can be determined by sexual position OR even orgasm. What doctors usually do encourage couples to do is:

  • Stay healthy (Good BMI – Body Mass Index rate)
  • Take in plenty of good vitamins as well as folic acid
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes (even regular has been linked to lower sperm count)
  • After sex, continue lying down in the same position for 15 minutes…no early exits!

What About Boy Sperm Y Vs Girl Sperm X?

There is an unusual theory that a few scientists have speculated, without hard evidence proving anything of course, that suggests that sperm that leads to a boy gender is weaker but faster than sperm that leads to a girl. In theory, boy-producing sperm swims fast but survives for a shorter period of time…this favors positions of deep penetration, such as the positions we just discussed. The reverse side of the theory is that shallow penetration would favor a “girl” chromosome sperm, since that type of sperm is larger, has better stamina, and can travel longer.

There’s no real evidence proving this theory, just as there’s no basis for believing a woman orgasming first guarantees a boy. The latest theory is that if the pH near the cervix is altered (as with an orgasm) it would be more hospitable to a Y girl-producing sperm.

It’s weird speculative science and while it’s fun to talk about it, it’s not anything you can state as fact or guarantee. The only real scientific fact regarding pregnancy is that couples that stick to an ovulation calendar and recognize the signs of ovulation are far more likely to conceive. If you have sex on your most fertile days (which is actually five days preceding ovulation up until the last day) then you could increase your chances of getting pregnant.

What we can take away for sure from this discussion is that deep penetration helps—not necessarily to determine sex but to determine the safe travel of the sperm as close as possible into the cervix. Obviously, lots of experimentation can only help. Get into a pattern of regular sex on the scheduled days according to your ovulation calendar. See an Obstetrician to discuss any personal details that could be affecting your hope to conceive.

Last but not least, keep a positive attitude and try not to worry too much. This positive energy you create always goes a long way towards having a healthy pregnancy.

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