20 Sex Text Messages That Drive Him Wild.

20 Sex Text Messages That Drive Him Wild

What do you mean you don’t know how to sext? You don’t know how to talk and think dirty?!

Of course! Nobody is actually born an amazing dirty talker. No one is a femme fatale of erotic dialog because of great genetics or special gifts.

It’s just something we all learn how to do as we go along. And hey, it’s a lot more fun than learning algebra!

Here’s the thing about writing sex texts. Don’t think too hard. The harder you think, the more you try to make it sound erotic or brilliant or like a novel, the less effective it is. Your guy wants sincerity, real emotion, and connection. If he wanted word porn, he’d look on the internet. So focus on making your sexts personal.

Tips in Sexting

Before we discuss some samples, let’s review some tips in writing the perfect sext. It’s all about the emotion, the moment, not the wording.

• Be sure you both have free time. Don’t sext your partner if he’s trying to work!
• Don’t jump into hardcore porn visuals. Take your time and go super slow. Build anticipation.
• Think of it as a roleplay. Get rid of awkwardness by pretending to be someone else. You’re not “you”, you’re a character and your motivation is horny, dirty and confident. This will if you feel giggly or shy.
• Do not type anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or weird. Your guy doesn’t want you to sext him anything you regret. Talk about what turns you on in reality.
• Focus on senses – what your man sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes. This will build anticipation and make him even hotter.
• Ask for details, give details. It’s not enough to just use one word or one sentence…when you can both provide more details. Slow the scene down, give more details on what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, what you want to do, and so on.
• Use the dirty words you find erotic. Avoid words or sentences that are too technical or confusing. Avoid anything too poetic. Just go for raw and sensual.
• Talk about your fantasies as well as your actual confessions and experiences. Experiment and see what you both like!
• Send photos or even memes to add to the excitement

Now that you’ve learned the basic rules, let’s consider 20 examples of hot sex text messages that will drive him wild. I’m organized this list into groups of five – in the beginning, starting intimacy, hot and heavy, and XXX.

1. You looked so good in those jeans yesterday. You were in my fantasies. Wearing those hot Levis and then taking them off while I watched you sitting on the bed.
2. What would you like me to wear? If you walked in and we were both horny…what would I be wearing that you would love to tear off?
3. I thought about dropping by your place last night. Not for a chat. Just for some naughty fun. But do you make booty calls, doctor?
4. I want to kiss you. Not just on your lips or face. Lower. Not just your chest or tummy. Lower.
5. What do you think of this dress? Too slutty?

6. You were way too good last night. I can definitely see myself becoming addicted to your c*ck.
7. I’m thinking about you right now…in bed…doing things to me. Want to see?
8. I want to try a new sex position with you. Shall I describe it?
9. When’s the last time you jerked off? Tell me about it. I’ll tell you mine.
10. If you can guess the color of my bra I’ll give you a lunch break blowjob today.

11. I want you to get rough with me. I want you to f*ck me hard and talk dirty while you do it.
12. I’m going to suck you all night. Take my time and milk your d*ck. I’m going to drain your balls. Every last drop. Then I’m going to get you hard again.
13. I want you to scream my name. I want to listen to you pant, and moan and rock the bed.
14. I’m going to mark your whole body as mine tonight. I’m going to kiss and bite every inch of you. Your neck, back, chest, d*ick, even your ass.
15. I want to f*ck you in public. Somewhere we can get caught. Fast and hard.

16. What’s your most taboo fantasy? Tell me. Or let me guess it.
17. What if another girl and I double teamed your c*ck? Would you like that? How would you want us to do it?
18. I lean in closer, taking your full c*ck inside of me. Deeper. You feel how wet I am for you? I wrap my armed around your neck. Kissing you. Pushing my breasts up against your lips. Suck on them. Yeah like that..
19. I want to tie you up. Play with your dick for hours while you squirm. Then I’m going to ride you, straddle your c*ck, and f*ck you until you can’t take anymore. Then you’re going to come inside of me. (Oh god I can’t believe I’m typing that…and I’m sitting here with my friends lol pretending like I’m not really horny! You are so bad)
20. Eat me out baby. Make me squirt. Oh I’m coming so hard…Oh sh*it that was good. Well got to get back to work.

As you can see, sexting is all about imagination, simplicity and just sharing your naked feelings for each other. Sex is better when it’s emotionally engaging, when it’s about the feelings – the sensations you both experience. Describe scenarios, give details and use dirty talk sparingly so that when you do use those four letter words it sticks with him.

Guys love dirty talk! Guys don’t want to always take the lead either, at least when it comes to sex. So let him know it’s okay to think sexy and sext, once you reach that point in the relationship. Come up with some great one-liners and he’ll still be thinking about it months or even years from now.

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