13 Dirty Text Messages Men Crave from the Women They Love

Are you trying to rekindle the spark in your romantic relationship? There’s no need to spend ten grand on a romantic getaway vacation. Why not just spice things up with some erotic sexting throughout the day? (Which you can then settle at night?) Here are 13 dirty text messages meant for couples in love (but still separated by time or space) that will keep you both on slow boil for those long work days.

1. “If you don’t get here in the next hour I’m going to just grab my vibrator and finish things without you.”

This is a naughty message to use if your partner is just a few miles away or on his way to meet you. Letting him know that sex is already happening is great motivation to get him up and running, ASAP, to put that fire out!

2. “I’ve been fantasizing about you all day. I’ve come so many times I’ve lost count. But I still need you!”

Another sext that boosts his ego, and titillates his senses, and yet still gives him a promise of good things to come when he arrives home. Always assume your partner is very interested in knowing just how excited you are for him, with vivid and dirty descriptions.

3. “I want to worship your c*** tonight. I want to slowly pleasure you for hours just so I can savor every last inch of your body.”

Every man loves the idea of an extended sexual marathon, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Clear your evening schedule and practice the “start-stop” technique of edging him to near climax and then starting over again. This variation on Tantric sex is going to blow your man’s mind…especially if sex has been rushed lately.

4. “Send me a picture of your d**. I can’t sleep and seeing you naked is literally all I can think about.”

A lot of men fantasize about being an exhibitionist so imagine the erotic thrill he will get from being asked to send a naughty picture of himself. As a reward for sending his best money shot, let him know how you’re pleasuring yourself while looking at the picture.

5. “I want to hear you say my name. Then I want to hear you moaning my name when you come.”

Using a personal name creates an intense emotional reaction. So not only do you want him to say your name as you’re making love, but the thought of him climaxing while saying your name is working those emotions, which is always going to make sex more intense.

6. “I’m so hot for you right now…I’m pretty sure my roommate knows what I’m doing!”

Toy with his exhibitionist fantasies as you describe just how loud you are, and how fantasies of him are making you feel out of control. Men love the idea of making a woman so horny she can’t help but scream…even if it results in embarrassment from a roommate or neighbor.

7. “What’s your most shocking taboo fantasy about me? No judgment…just tell me now. I can take it.”

Give him total freedom to shock you. But then one-up him by asking for more details and to be as descriptive as possible. Is his fantasy a new sexual act? A threesome? Sex in public or a bondage fantasy? Let him feel all hot and bothered by simply telling you every detail of his forbidden fantasy and then letting him know it turns you on too.

8. I’m watching this porn right now…I wish you were here. I think it would make us both really horny.

Let your man know that you’re open to a little experimentation. You can both watch other people getting it on and give him the satisfaction of knowing he’s with a wild woman who can match his own libido.

9. “I want you to touch yourself in exactly the way I order you to do it. Be a good boy and get a reward.”

Have a little fun with your lover and order him to masturbate in exactly the way you describe. Give him the pleasure of surrendering control to you and letting you decide what to do, how to do it, and when he gets to come.

You can also reverse this strategy and let your lover tell you what to do in explicit detail, giving him power over you. This is a bit of “light” BDSM kink that will be a lot of fun for both of you.

10. “I’m not wearing any panties. I need you right now. I can’t wait to go home…where can we meet?”

Great way to set him on fire! Give him an example of how horny you are and arrange to meet him somewhere ASAP, whether it’s in a public place you’ve both fantasized about or even in a car or hotel. It’s the sexy thought that counts.

11. “I want you to eat me until I beg for your c*** and then bang me until I beg you to stop.”

What an intense visual! Begging your man to start and then stop, giving him the ultimate ego rush and orgasm!

12. “The next time I see you come f** me against-the-wall. That’s how much I need you.”

Get a little rough once in a while and let your boyfriend know that you can’t wait for a respectable affair. Against the wall sex will indulge his fantasy for a quickie.

13. “I’m going to ride you so hard you’ll barely be able to pull out.”

Even though every man be scared to death of unwanted pregnancy, they DO get really hard at the thought of “just barely” pulling out in time before they come. Flirt with a little disaster and get him in the mood. (Just make sure he actually does pull out in time!)

As you can see, the real secret to creating a dirty sext is to put erotic visuals in his mind. Describe to him the specifics of what you want, including his reaction, your reaction, and all the scintillating details of what he’ll experience later on. Not only is it going to whet his appetite, but all this anticipation will make your sex life hotter too!

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