Stroke by Stroke Book Review

Stroke by Stroke Book Review

Men all know the sublime pleasure of a skillful handjob, but few women really master the art.

That’s why Michael Webb’s latest guide “Stroke by Stroke” is such an invaluable read.

I’ve always loved Michael’s books on oral sex techniques, so I was thrilled to get my hands on this follow-up focused on sensual stroking.

Just like women need guidance on how to deliver mind-blowing fingering, we need experts like Michael to walk us through delivering next-level handjobs.

As one of the foremost sex educators today with an email list of over 100,000 men, Michael went straight to the source to bring us the best handjob hacks directly from the horse’s mouth.

At first glance, you’d think a decent grip and some smooth motions are all you need.

But Michael expands your repertoire tenfold with clever ways to set the scene, build anticipation, and deliver toe-curling sensations from start to glorious finish.

I loved his tips on creating the perfect handjob ambience to relax your man and get him primed for pleasure. Lighting, music, scents – it’s all in the details.

The section on stroking techniques was far more extensive than expected. Michael covers grips, speeds, pressures, strokes, and combinations guaranteed to hit all of your man’s sweet spots.

I also appreciated the section on using your mouth in conjunction with your hands. And his creative ideas for toys and props to incorporate will make your handjobs intensely exciting.

From bullet vibrators on his balls to the base of an electric toothbrush on his shaft, Michael delivers deliciously tingly additions.

While I’d love to know even more positions and locations for stroke sessions, Michael provides enough variety for a lifetime of bliss. All in all, Stroke by Stroke easily ranks among the top 3 most educational resources for better lovemaking.

Give your man a mind-blowing handjob and he’ll be addicted to your magic hands forever. This book will teach you how.

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