What Not to Say on a Dating Profile.

What Not to Say on a Dating Profile

Should I delete my online dating profile?” is probably a question you’ve asked yourself at least once. After getting zero action in the online dating scene, it’s easy to fall into destructive thoughts about your image, attractiveness, or personality, and just give up on even trying to land a date. But remember that it’s never you that’s the problem–there is someone out there for you, I promise! 

Your online dating profile might just not be doing an effective job of getting you on his radar; it should be friendly and welcoming, and highlight all the good things about you—while still allowing you to distance yourself from the creeps. Don’t say things that will turn off guys, such as impossible criteria, extreme opinions, or vague, false, or exaggerated information. For inspiration, it’s good to look at sample dating profiles for females to see what works. But for a quick guide, here’s a list of what you should not put on your dating profile:


Unattainable Criteria

It’s normal to encounter a few misses when online dating, and while listing what you’re not looking for in your profile lessens the risk of that happening, you shouldn’t be too strict or idealistic about it. Don’t share impossible standards–this will only close you off from potential partners.


Lies and Exaggerations

It could be tempting to drop a few lies or exaggerations in your dating profile to make you seem more attractive, but this is something that you should never do. It could get you in hot water with your date once he finds out the truth–this could cause some distrust, which is not good for any kind of relationship.

Be honest about who you are and take pride in the things you love, sharing them accurately on your profile. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and you will find someone who will love all of you.


Extreme Opinions

We all have opinions, and while yours may certainly be valid, it might be good to keep particularly strong or controversial ones to yourself at first. These repel matches quickly, especially when they come off as confrontational. You wouldn’t want to be starting off a relationship already arguing!


Too Many (or Too Few) Details

There’s a sweet spot to the amount of personal information that you should include on your dating profile. Of course, you need to share the fundamentals, such as your age, sexuality, and what you’re looking for, as well as other good-to-know info, like whether you already have kids or not. Knowing what else to share is where it gets tricky; don’t feel that you need to share your entire life story—save that for when you’re ready to get personal with someone who’s not a stranger anymore.

A few details about you will suffice: focus on your best qualities, as well as some interesting tidbits that you can share with others or start a conversation about, like your hobbies or interests. Don’t make a blank profile or one that has too few details. It doesn’t make you look mysterious; it just comes off as lazy or unapproachable. Let down your guard a little and give your potential dates something to start with.



“I love to laugh,” “I like long walks on the beach,” “I’m happy to just Netflix and chill,”–we see these phrases too often in the online dating scene, and it does little to differentiate you from the thousands of other women looking for a match. Either leave these cliches and generic phrases out of your bio, or find a way to express them more creatively.


An Attractive Dating Profile Highlights Your Best Self

An effective dating profile will include details about you that highlight why you’re a catch. Focus on the good things and avoid saying anything that could ward off your ideal guy. Think of your best qualities and share these in a way that displays your humor and uniqueness. You’ll find the right match in no time!

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