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Dares for Guys

What is it with guys and the game Truth or Dare? They love it!

While you might think it’s something girls do at slumber parties (and sure, it is!) it’s also something that couples enjoy doing and that guys love to do on a date.


Maybe because no one likes to admit the truth…and so raising the “stakes” makes the challenge more interesting. We’re all dying to tell someone our deepest secrets. But it has to be “yanked out of us” in a fun way, right?

What’s more fun than telling a person, “You had better answer my question or I will force you to do something so humiliating that you’ll wish you had just told me the truth!

So while traditional Truth or Dare is played where the player chooses either a Truth question (like 20 questions) OR a Dare (and can’t go back once he chooses), an alternate way of playing is that the player can choose Truth or Dare at any time.

What are the advantages of this? If you really want to know the truth question and can tell he’s avoiding it then challenge him a dare so ridiculously over the top that he has no choice but to tell the damned truth!

Guys love it! They like the pressure. They love the taboo. They love both the feeling of being “forced to tell the truth” or being forced to do something crazy and uninhibited.

Either way you both win because it’s tons of fun. That means, however, you have to come up with some amazing dares. Dares that are hilarious and shocking enough to match the truth questions you want answered.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of hilarious and outrageous Dares that will nicely complement your own list of Truth questions. These dares progress from somewhat innocent (matching a simple Truth question) to crazy and kinky, which you’ll need to get a shocking confession. Here we go…

1. Take an embarrassing selfie and use it as your profile on Facebook.
2. Call someone you’ve secretly crushed on and admit how you felt.
3. Talk romantic and sexy to a sock puppet.
4. Pretend like you’re crying.
5. Get (legally) stoned or drunk (with a designated driver) and try to go order food at the drive-thru.
6. Go to a dance club – if you can’t dance, go out to the middle of the floor and fake-dance. If you can dance, pretend like you’re the worst dancer in the world.
7. Order a pizza and then try to return it for a stupid reason.
8. Text one of your platonic friends and tell them you’re in love with them.
9. Go to an open night mic at a comedy club and improvise something.
10. On your next date, sing to the girl you like in public.
11. Pretend to be a dog or a cat for ten minutes.
12. Create a gross drink with every single ingredient in your refrigerator and chug it.
13. Crack two eggs all over your head.
14. Belly dance or do a lap dance for your date.
15. Perform Shakespeare in the park at the local park to people walking their dogs
16. Let a girlfriend dress you up in drag. Go out for a night at the movies.
17. Pretend to be a telemarketer and try to sell an absurd product to a stranger.
18. Flirt with one of your guy friends without him knowing why.
19. Wear a mullet wig and walk with me to the local grocery store.
20. Describe an X-rated fantasy in detail to all your friends (without explaining why you’re doing this).
21. Apply for a job you don’t want and be the worst applicant possible.
22. Go karaoke at a club and choose a song you don’t know the words to.
23. Go to a crowded public place and pretend to be an animal.
24. Beg for a dollar from strangers in a public place.
25. Try to have cyber sex with one of your platonic Facebook Messenger friends
26. Go to work without underwear. Tell one of your co-workers that you’re not wearing underwear.
27. Put peanut butter and jelly all over your face and go waddle around outside, pretending to be a zombie.
28. Wear your girlfriend’s bra for several hours (or a female friend).
29. Send an R-rated selfie by “accident” to a friend of yours.
30. Streak naked all the way down your home street.
31. Agree to let all your friends spank you and have it video recorded.
32. Try to kiss your platonic best friend out of the blue.
33. Appear naked on webcam for your next date.
34. Pretend to give oral sex to my finger.
35. Call a phone sex line and pretend you’re Spongebob Squarepants
36. Read me an excerpt from an erotic book.
37. Strip half naked and put mustard and ketchup all over your body as seductively as possible.
38. Kiss my feet.
39. Show me your belly button. Play with it.
40. Send me a dick picture with your smiling face visible.
41. Whisper the dirtiest fantasy you’ve ever had about me into my ear.
42. Write an erotic story about you and I getting together for the first time.
43. Let’s go to a bar and you hit on me using the worst pick up lines you can think of.
44. Apply to be a dancer at a male strip club.
45. (For lovers)Fool around with me in a movie theater.
46. (For lovers) Have sex with me in a mall dressing room.
47. (For lovers) Pretend to be a porn star in the bedroom – be loud!
48. (For lovers) Order a pizza while having sex.
49. (For lovers) Pretend to be a character or movie star the next time we have sex.
50. (For lovers) Let’s go to a grocery store and see how many times you can grope me without getting caught.

The point of Truth or Dare is, of course, to be honest. Deep down every man craves honesty. He wants a partner he can confess anything to – someone who won’t judge him and will encourage more confessions. This lets him feel safe, in control, and positive about his sexuality. Remember these dares and have fun getting him to admit the truth AND try something uninhibited and crazy!

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