How to Use Feminine Magnetism to Attract Him And Keep Him

How to Use Feminine Magnetism to Attract Him And Keep Him

What is female magnetism?  What is male magnetism…and is the concept of magnetism even real at all?  

Magnetism literally means the “molecular properties common to magnets”, or situations which create a magnetic phenomenon, namely strong attraction between two opposite ends.  

In the case of magnetism, a match is achieved by two strong entities that either repel or attract each with their energy.  This “polarity” refers to the orientation of poles, which is the direction of a magnet or electric field.

Just as two poles are usually opposite, so too in relationships do we see two opposite forces or opinions / behaviors that partners have.  But these “opposites” can also attract two people to each other. In contrast, two people are don’t have this polarity, this complementary energy, will not be as compatible.  In fact, there may be no attraction or magnetism between these two people at all.


What is Feminine Magnetism?

The idea is that by altering the way you interact with a man, you can create this magnetic attraction and STOP persisting in the dating patterns that seem to end badly–as in friend-zoning or breaking up.  

One theory about magnetism is that the essence of life is male and female energy.  It’s not necessarily about sex, or even gender, but rather the behavioral patterns of masculinity and femininity.  By nature, femininity attracts masculinity and vice versa. Male behavior seeks to “provide, to protect” and female behavior seems to attract and reward the male with attention and intimacy.

Male magnetism has been frequently taught in dating books and programs.  Confident men, extroverted men, rich men–they seem to be the most successful.  And yes, women who are confident, extroverted and successful are likewise attractive.

But how do you exude femininity?  It’s not simply acting like a man.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s not merely being confident, successful and extroverted.  The art to femininity, the skill, comes in how you interact with the man you’re trying to attract.


Complementary Behavior

The philosophy of masculinity teaches that more male-oriented minds (once again, regardless of gender/sex) are outgoing.  They want to provide and protect, they want to EARN attention, and they want to chase the female mind they are attracted to.

The woman’s feminine energy is complementary, not merely opposite.  She helps him be a better masculine presence by understanding his needs and then by fulfilling these needs in just the way he wants.

He wants to chase her and so when she rewards him for pushing himself and performing for her attention, he feels energized!  He feels more masculine. Her reaction is his reward. She encourages communication, rather than stopping it. He is a better man because of the way she encourages his behavior.

And yes, most importantly she DOES make him work for it and she does NOT surrender her power, her dignity or her independence just to please him.  That works against the magnetism effect, against the very essence of feminine energy.

Now if the woman is trying so hard to please him, he takes for granted her efforts.  He thinks she’s overcompensating for something. He has all the power because she shows him that she NEEDS this relationship.  The more dependent she becomes on him, the less she attracts him. Commitment is now an obligation, not a true attraction.


What Female Magnetism is Not

Magnetism is characterized by strong energy.  So we must eliminate this association that “feminine” means weak, submissive, needy, overly emotional and insecure.  This is not feminine behavior. This is desperate behavior.

It reeks of male behavior, weak male behavior, since that would be characterized by providing, protecting and dominating qualities.

Real feminine energy is confident, yet genuine.  It is POWERED by a strong will. And that means yes, that men are attracted to strong women who are independent by nature.

That makes the chase more difficult and the reward of commitment more fulfilling. This makes the energy strong and the attraction stronger.

Needy behavior is based in fear–the fear in him leaving or ending the relationship.  She’ll do anything to keep him, even if that means mothering him or forcing him to stay by guilt, abuse, threats, manipulation and so on.  

That’s the opposite of attraction–that’s pushing the guy away!  That’s making him think that he doesn’t actually want this relationship but that you do, and so you’re constantly persuading him to stay.


The Benefits of Learning to be More Feminine

Finally, remember that when you work on becoming this more confident, feminine woman, you don’t have to deal with relationship anxiety or “will he leave me?” insecurity.  HE will reassure you that he wants this commitment, that he NEEDS this relationship because it fulfills his needs so well. Men love harder when you are independent and when they realize you are truly special – a woman who knows her value and yet, knows what her man wants and how to reward him in the way he wants.

She chooses to stay because the relationship is mutually rewarding.

In simple words, magnetism is about bringing positivity to a relationship and then encouraging more of the same from the man you love.  It’s complementary energy.

You might even say that in order to be truly feminine, you must love yourself.  You must have a very good relationship with yourself so that you don’t depend on your man to save you, complete you or define you.  

Your “high value” (your healthy self-image) is what makes you special.  The fact that you still like him, and still know him inside and out, is what makes you irresistible.  He is amazed by your strength, your success in life and your personality. This only creates MORE attraction when he realizes that this special, above-average woman understands him and brings out the best qualities in him.  

That’s why he wants commitment in the first place, and that’s why he will keep wanting a commitment, and later a marriage–because he senses that he must fight for your attention.  He must work to keep your attention. You have other offers. You have other opportunities because of your high value. The desire he has to keep you happy and committed to him will be what the source of magnetism for him.  

Understanding this simple yet widely unknown truth is step one of building a better relationship with your man.


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