The Biggest Turn Off For Quality Men

Men are not desperate. While it might be a running joke that men are always “thirsty” or always looking for sex, the truth is that only BOYS are indiscriminate. Only boys hit on everything that moves and prioritize casual sex above everything else in life.

But MEN, as in grown-ass men that are handsome, mature and successful in life don’t need to beg for sex. They don’t need to horndog constantly just because a woman walks into the room. They know they’re hot. They know they’re confident and in-demand. They project success and VIP material. And sure, women do flock to them.

But just they don’t chase after every woman in the room. They are highly selective and only go for the right type of woman, someone who matches them and who projects positive qualities.

Does this mean that these Very Successful Men are not horny? Of course not! They’re probably even hornier than the average man, because you know, they eat right and love what they do and happiness leads to more erection!

The point is, they’re not tempted by MORE women. They’re tempted by the BEST women. A higher caliber of beauty and grace you might say.

And if you want to get the attention of a successful man, or even a rich and good looking man, you have to play by his rules. You have to come across as a very successful and confident woman. In order to do that, you not only have to understand your best strengths and qualities as a person, but you also have to make sure you’re NOT coming across as the wrong type of woman.

Oh yes there is a wrong type and the more successful and famous the guy, the more he avoids the wrong type of woman. He knows that the wrong type of woman could ruin him.

Understanding the “wrong type” might help you not only to understand what behavior to avoid, but also what bad behavior needs to be corrected so you can improve your own self-confidence.

Let’s consider the wrong type of woman, or more specifically, the biggest turns off that quality men list as deal breakers in relationships

1. Poor hygiene or fashion sense.

Successful men tend to be in the spotlight or at least crave the spotlight. That’s why the idea of “looking disheveled” is a major turn off. It’s not so much “looks” as it is poor hygiene. Or unpleasant odors, or bad breath or dandruff on your hair. Quality men really appreciate good grooming since they always make sure to look their best before coming out.

2. A woman who doesn’t know what she wants.

Symptoms of being a “drifter” through life could be as minor as not being able to make up one’s mind, or as major as not seeing yourself as married to a man who loves you. Many men have a fear of abandonment and the idea of a woman who can fall out of love, or who never actually professes love as the relationship progresses (and he says it first obviously). If you’re not sure what you want in life, whether that’s a relationship or a career, you come across as unstable. Men don’t want to bank on something that’s so uncertain.

3. A psycho and her drama.

The first lesson you learn in high school is that “starting sh_t” with men gets a big reaction. That keeps them coming back. They like the extreme emotions…or at least they do when they’re young and foolish. As they grow older though, they’re counting on their Perfect Woman to grow out of those old abusive patterns. Manipulating emotions, controlling behavior, arguing constantly, screaming matches, verbal abuse, and psychopathic drama are not what a quality man wants. He may sometimes become addicted to such behavior but in time he WILL grow out of it and resent the woman who robbed him of happiness.

4. A high maintenance girl.

Girls need a lot of “maintenance” and TLC. No wonder, they’re not fully grown in life. They chase after money, want men to buy them things, and throw a fit when things don’t go their way. This is not attractive behavior for a sophisticated man who has found his way in life. He sees it as a major flaw and this young girl sees it as cutesy behavior. Make no mistake about it it—a quality man wants a quality woman, an independent woman and a strong feminist spirit.

5. A woman who doesn’t appreciate good conversation.

Beauty can only go so far, especially to a man that’s used to dating beautiful women. He wants to see your intelligence, wit, sense of humor and your passion for life. That’s why, if your main conversation is complaining about the world, gossiping about people, or talking about shallow things, he will quickly lose attraction for you.

He doesn’t want a woman who agrees with him constantly or a woman who will stay respectfully silent. He wants interactive conversation. Contribute to the conversation by researching the kind of man he is, his career, profile, and so forth. If worse comes to worst, let him talk about his life and show enthusiasm in learning who he really is—the man behind the “mask” so to speak. Conversation is the key to building attraction.

6. A girl who plays “hard to get.”

While there is some wisdom in “letting a man chase you”, this is not the same thing as giving a man the cold shoulder or always playing hard to get. This is girlish behavior, suggesting that game-playing is all you really bring to the relationship. He wants to see that you’re interested in him but that you also have very high standards…he must invest time in making you happy! The effort he puts forth reminds him that he really likes you.

On the other hand, don’t believe that being super-nice or aggressive in your dating style is going to win you any points either. He doesn’t want a woman who is mean OR who is nice and clingy. He really just wants you to be you…and to have the confidence to express yourself well and in an honest way.

Remember these tips if you really want to impress a VIP sort of guy. Project the energy that says you deserve him…that your standards are high. He will immediately take notice!

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