The Best Way to Kiss a Guy

The Best Way to Kiss a Guy

The thought of kissing your potential Mr. Right might be overwhelming, but these feelings should be euphoric, exciting, and joyful. If you are feeling anything less, we might have a problem. Luckily enough, it’s a problem we can fix!


Let me start off by saying that I am proud of you! There’s endless advice out there—how to get a guy to kiss you when you’re not dating, how to make the first move kissing a guy, how to show a guy you want to kiss him—the list goes on and on, and I’m glad you are ready for the next steps.


Remember the confident, powerful, bold, and magnetic woman you are. Re-affirm that to yourself as many times as you need to. Any guy in his right mind wants to kiss that woman! And that woman–she knows all the best ways to kiss a guy. 


Let’s recap some of them here.

Close the Gap Between You Two

No one wants to hyper-extend their neck to close the distance–this is uncomfortable. Go ahead and cozy up to him. Scoot next to him in the restaurant, or lean into him as you’re walking. The closer you are, the more intimate the experience will feel. 

Give Him the Reins 

Touch your lips softly to his and then let him take lead. I can’t stress the importance of ‘softly.’ Keep your lips soft and slightly parted–it will make the kiss that much better and make it much easier for him to respond. 

Move Your Hands

Whatever you do, do not kiss him with your hands glued to your sides. In the same way that your lips should be fluid, keep your arms fluid. Move them to his neck, run your fingers through his hair, put a hand on his back—do what feels right.


The act of your lips touching is sensual enough, but the slight incorporation of your hands throughout the kiss will make the moment even more intimate and memorable. 


If you find yourself kissing your dream man, your feelings will be heightened. That is totally normal, but do not let the experience and the excitement of the moment push you outside of your boundaries or comfort zone. 


If there is something you do not like, or if you would like to stop the kiss, communicate it. No matter the reason, it is more than okay to pull back and take a little break.


Similarly, if you’re enjoying something, speak up. It’s as easy as saying, “Keep doing that.”

Remember to Have Fun 

It’s important to keep in mind that each person has a different kissing style and technique. It is easy to overthink the entire process, and I don’t blame you. All I ask is that you remember to have fun!


At the end of the day, a kiss should be easy and lighthearted. There shouldn’t be any pressure to make it anything else. Enjoy yourself, and go with the flow. Let him take the lead, and give yourself away to the excitement of the moment.

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