How to Get a Cancer Guy to Like You

How to Get a Cancer Guy to Like You

So, you’ve set your sights on the crab of the zodiac. You might have found he’s not so “crabby,” but maybe a bit more guarded. Despite notoriously being the most sensitive zodiac sign, Cancers only open up to a select few. This can leave you wondering if a guy can like you and not talk to you–Cancers like to observe and take their time before approaching, so likely, the answer is yes.

These guys can look like any type—the brooding artist or the guy-next-door. How can you get the mysterious bad boy? How can you get a country boy to like you? Learning how to attract a boyfriend can take some work, but it’s less complicated than you think. In truth, you can find your true match simply by being confident and allowing room for men to approach you. 

Cancer men are no different from anyone else—they seek creature comforts, they admire those who hold themselves well, and they want someone who is secure in themselves. If you’re trying to attract a stable, emotionally intelligent partner, you need to be one yourself. So, how can you meet this boyfriend you hope to have? Finding love always starts with getting in touch with yourself first.


How to Attract a Love Connection

Live Your Best Life

This is a phrase we see all too often on coffee mugs shelved next to “Girl Boss” journals, but truly, you have to embody this cliche. That class you always wanted to sign up for? Do it. Those women at work you have always admired? Schedule a coffee meeting with them to pick their brains. That trip you’ve been thinking about taking alone? Book that flight.

When you embrace your life and show love to yourself, you become the partner others want to attract. By following your gut, you are strengthening your “dating résumé.” You’ll have more stories to tell at cocktail parties and first dates, and when your life is enriched with interest, Cancers want to be part of it.


Embrace Empowerment

As you step into your own, you’ll become aware of the laws of attraction. Positive people attract other positive people. Walk into any room believing you deserve to be there and confident that you have interesting, important things to say, because you do!

The most confident person in the room isn’t always the loudest. Let your power speak for itself, and trust that those aligned with your values will come to you. That doesn’t mean you don’t pursue your goals—apply for the promotions you want, and feed your friendships. But when it comes to dating, you’re a woman in charge of her life who wants a man that lives his life the same way–a Cancer man will appreciate this.


Let Him Initiate

As a woman who takes initiative in all areas of her life, your love life should be the place where you can relax. A Cancer man who likes to take the initiative will jump at the opportunity to step up and show you what he can do. If you do the chasing, you don’t give him the chance to make his move.

Part of your empowerment is the confidence in knowing your ideal partner will want to make his intentions known. Allow him to come to you. Of course, be responsive if you are interested—show as much interest as he shows you. You want an equal partner; if you are always initiating and doing the work for him, you’ll be less of a partner and more of a mother. Yikes!



Love begets love. When you love and invest in yourself, you attract others, including Cancer men, who make those same efforts. With these tips and more from Commitment Connection, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to get there. You’ll attract a Cancer man aligned with your values who is just as proactive and invested as you are. Everything begins with a first step—are you ready to transition into your best life?

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