How to Make the First Move Kissing a Guy. Know if He Enjoyed the Kiss.

How to Make the First Move Kissing a Guy

Initiating the first kiss between you and mister dreamy does not have to be as nerve-wracking as you might think. When it comes to making the first move on someone you find attractive, there is a certain ingrained disposition to feel intimidated, shy, or even scared–I am here to tell you that you should not be! 

We’re all human, so we are doomed to have these negative feelings every now and then, but I want you to channel your best self—the confident woman that knows what she wants.

You’re not alone in wanting some guidance here. From learning how to get a guy to kiss you, to how to ask a guy to kiss you, to the right tips on the best way to kiss a guy, I have helpful advice for everything.

Now, we are going to take it one step further and discuss a few ways to make the first move when you want to kiss a guy. 


Making the First Move for a Kiss

Maybe you’re thinking that you do not have it in you to make the first move. I’m here to shatter that preconceived notion–it is nothing but a false belief! You just need a little to follow a few tips:


Body language does not lie. If you place your guy in your eye-line, chances are, your body language will subconsciously reflect your interest. 

Men work in similar ways. Observe his body language. If it is closed off, consider waiting before kissing him, as he might not be receptive just yet. But if he is openly flirting with you and displaying open body language, a kiss will likely be well received.

Keep It Low Stakes, At First

Incorporate the element of teasing. Brush his shoulder gently, or let your fingertips meet. If this type of physical contact is well received, then you’ll know that he is giving you a green light.

Throw a Few Hints His Way

Bite your lip. Shift your gaze to his mouth. Be flirty. Observe his reaction. Is he reciprocating your signals? If so, that is a good sign! 

Wait for the Right Moment

You want to be in a low-stakes environment. What do I mean? Well, would you want to be kissed for the first time in the middle of a crowded restaurant with people yelling in your ear? Probably not.

Wait for an intimate moment. It could be halfway through your date or at the end of it. The key is to catch him at the right moment when he is not stressed or distracted and the environment is not chaotic. 

Take Charge

You have observed the signs, sent a few hints his way, and have noticed them being reciprocated. The moment is right. The tension feels magnetic. You are receiving only green lights from him, so make the move! 

There are a few ways you could go about it. You could lean in and kiss him delicately, or you can tell him, “I really want to kiss you.” Odds are, he’ll meet you halfway and sparks will fly. 

There is no right or wrong way to initiate a kiss. Read the room, match his energy, do what feels right, and remember to enjoy yourself!

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