6 Long Love Paragraphs That Will Melt Your Heart

If you’ve ever felt awkward in dating conversation you’re not alone. Sometimes it seems like the “body” or middle of the conversation is the hardest part. Introductions can be simple and conclusions come naturally. But what are so you supposed to talk about in those long conversations?

It’s even more challenging when there’s a strong attraction between the two of you. Maybe you’re even in love with each other! You’re going to have to come up with something better than just a few lines of romance via text if you want to keep intimate communication going.

Whether you want to write a long love paragraph through email or instant messenger, keep in mind these tips. Keep it simple, sincere and specific. We’re going to review six long love paragraphs that will melt your heart and melt his heart, if you’re trying to impress your boyfriend. Let’s start with the text and then briefly explain why it’s effective.

1. “I dreamed about you again. I always dream about you. If I’m asleep or awake and daydreaming you’re always on my mind. And even then it’s never enough. I want more of you. I crave you all the time and want to feel even closer. I hear your voice constantly. Do I love you? Obsessively.”

This is a nice quote because it builds on the miracle and joy of having a dream you can’t control. Whether you’re awake or dreaming, you’re in love with your partner. You want him even more. If he’s insecure or worried that you’re losing interest in him, send him this message to get him all excited about the strong connection you share.

2. “I love the way your mind works. You’re so smart but always sexy. Mysterious. You challenge me and make me see things differently every time we have a deep conversation. Just talking to you is erotic, exciting and passionate.”

It’s so easy to be caught up in physical beauty but mental attraction can be just as enticing and passionate. In fact, the stronger the mental connection you have, the more love you both feel for each other. Give him credit for his resonating mind, the same way he goes on and on about your beauty. Flatter him in a sincere way, massaging his ego for being special among many other attractive men.

3. “I will never stop loving you. You’re the love of my life. Before I met you I never knew how real love could be. You changed my life in wonderful, beautiful ways. I won’t just love you for the rest of my life, I will love you forever.”

Deep down we all fear the idea of losing the person we love. What better way to reassure him that you will never stop loving him, no matter what happens. Unconditional love may be difficult to achieve and live with sometimes, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with telling him the truth – that you will always love each other. Trials may test the marriage but that won’t stop you both from loving each other. The intimacy you have achieved will forever be a part of your life and your identity. That’s what everyone wants to hear…that love is truly forever.

4. “You’re everything I want in a man. You’re my perfect match. You’re always there for me. You understand me in a way like no one else can. Everything that’s ever happened to me has brought me to this point, here with you. I will never want anyone else. They just can’t compare to you.”

Telling a man that you’re loyal to him is a turn on, sure. But telling him WHY, and giving specific reasons why he’s the best man you’ll ever meet, is a great ego boost. Let him feel proud of himself that he “deserves” you, because of all the hard work he’s put forth to impress you over time.

5. “We’ve both been there for each other. We’ve been through so much. The best years of our lives! We do fight hard and heavy sometimes but that’s just because we’re two strong people and sometimes we butt heads. But we always make up and have great sex and then fall in love all over again. I feel like I can tell you anything. That’s something I’ve never had with anyone else.”

Intense people have intense relationships. So if you argue sometimes don’t deny it. Rather, compliment your partner for being tough and for always showing respect for you, even when disagreements become heated. Let him know that you admire his strength, patience and his willingness to forget and move on. This shows your man he’s loved even after a fight.

6. “From the first moment I met you I knew, even then, you would be part of my life! I felt your energy. Your eyes captivated me. You inspire me with your wit and wisdom. I can’t believe there were days and nights before I knew you. Before I felt so complete in my romantic life. Now, every time I see something I want to tell you about it. I want to show you everything on my mind. You’ve become a part of me and I’m thankful our lives came together. But I always knew they would!”

Tease him with a bit of Soul Mate lingo, but then remind him that he completes you. You don’t “need him”, nor do you build your life around him. But he satisfies all of your needs and leaves you feeling completely fulfilled. Letting him know that you “just knew” as soon as you met him that you would be romantically linked is also a sweet and sexy thing to say, as it implies you were just as determined to start a relationship as he was.

Melting your lover’s heart with beautiful words is simply a matter of giving him more specific reasons on why you love him and making him feel the emotion you have in your heart. Open your heart and share with him how happy he’s made you!

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