How to Passionately Kiss a Guy

How to Passionately Kiss a Guy for the First Time

The first time you kiss someone special, you want it to be magical. You want romance and passion, and you want that first kiss to be memorable for both of you. You may already know how to show a guy you want to kiss him, but when it comes to puckering up, you aren’t as certain about how to deliver. 

You aren’t alone, and feeling nervous actually can tell you if you’re feeling excited. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you don’t feel totally comfortable around him yet or don’t know how to get a guy to kiss you for the first time.

So, how can you feel more comfortable without sacrificing the heat of the moment? When preparing to kiss a guy, it’s more about the moments leading up to the kiss than the kiss itself.

How to Have a Steamy First Kiss

Chances are if you are hoping to kiss him on your next date, things are going well. He knows he’s attracted to you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here! 

Walk into this date with confidence. Unless something atrocious happens, he is probably also excited about this kiss. When you go on dates with confidence, you are going to attract what you’re looking for.

Here are a few more ideas on how to make this kiss remarkable:

Get Close Physically

As the date goes on, you may find yourself sitting on opposite sides of the booth at a restaurant or walking side by side down the sidewalk as the date starts to wrap up. Either way, you feel too far apart or awkward to initiate a kiss. There’s a good chance he wants to initiate but also doesn’t see a clear opportunity–so, create one!

Slide next to him on his side of the booth, or find a spot to stop walking to look in a store window or fake a shiver and say you’re a little cold. Even if it’s a silly excuse, acknowledge it with a playful smile or laugh at how obvious you’re being. If he isn’t picking up on the hint, it’s okay to be as forward as you want. Your vulnerability is endearing and your initiative opens the door for him to know you’re interested.

Consent is Sexy

It can feel a bit strange to be an adult and have to ask for consent, but it is still important. Many people think that asking for consent is a robotic mood killer with words such as, “Do I have your consent to kiss you?” However, it can actually be used as a tool for both respecting your partner and exciting them.

You can say things like:

  • “Your shirt looks so nice, may I?” Reach out and touch the collar of his shirt, bringing you both closer and slowly building tension.
  • “I really want to feel your arms around me, you feel so warm.”
  • “I really want to kiss you.”

These can feel awkward, but saying them aloud while slowly building to the moment can build anticipation. Passion can only come if it’s been built–use language to build that anticipation.

Innocently Tease

When your lips finally do touch, start small. The first kiss should slowly cascade into a second, and build in succession. You’re welcome to tease a little bit of tongue, darting it out slowly just to graze his lip, but remember, passion is built. Tease him a little bit, but leave him wanting more.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The first kiss is just that: the first. When it feels right or maybe you want to slow things down, pulling away and leaning your forehead against his is a sweet way to indicate you need a moment. 

Smile at him and slowly pull away. A simple, “That was fun, I can’t wait to do that again,” is all he should need to know you’re interested in him but are indicating that this is as far as you’re willing to go at this moment. Round out the date by planning the next one.

In Conclusion

Your first passionate kiss should be magical, but you don’t need to put too much pressure on the moment. Slow and steady builds anticipation and sensuality. With these tips, you’re bound to enjoy yourself at the pace that’s right for both of you without sacrificing that fire!

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