how to prepare to kiss a guy. How to Tell if a Guy Likes Kissing You.

How to Prepare to Kiss a Guy

The first kiss with someone is one of the most memorable moments in a relationship. If things go well, this may be the story you tell your future grandchildren! You want the moment to be right, even if you’re nervous to kiss a guy passionately for the first time. Regardless, these butterflies are normal, and chances are he is feeling them, too. Preparing for a kiss comes down to basic hygiene and confidence–the first makes the kiss comfortable and the latter is what makes it electric.

Not everyone feels confident enough to loudly proclaim their intentions and feelings. That’s okay, especially if you know how to subtly get a guy to kiss you. You can express your attraction and interest without giving a monologue professing your love. 

Make the First Kiss Memorable

You should feel empowered by wanting to kiss him and confident that it will happen when the time is right. In the meantime, here are some thoughts about how to make that first kiss super special:

Senses and Sensation

Be mindful of factors that can affect your breath: being hungry, smoking, or having recently eaten food that has a strong scent and taste. Try to avoid these things before your date–have a light snack ahead of time so you don’t feel hungry or shaky.

Always brush your teeth before a date. I recommend doing your entire dental hygiene routine—floss, brush, mouthwash—before meeting up with your man so that you don’t need to sneak off in the middle of dinner to do this. Keep mints in your purse or pocket and pop one in your mouth as the date is wrapping up to add a boost of freshness and cleanse your mouth of any lingering flavors.

Express Consent

The word ‘consent’ makes a lot of people feel awkward in the dating world, even though nobody wants to hurt anyone else or push inappropriate boundaries. I like to reframe the words “giving consent” to think about this moment as “expressing your intentions.” If you give consent by communicating what you want to do, it can be sexy.

Saying something like, “I really want to hold your hand–your hands look so strong and warm!” compliments him and shows you want to get closer. Stating what you want also gives him an opportunity to express what he wants. Conversations about consent do not have to be a sit-down-with-a-contract arrangement. 

Let the mood build. If you’re nervous, it’s okay to take it slow and state what you want at that moment. It can start as a hug; whatever your rhythm is, it’s not wrong. If he is right for you, he will be attentive and considerate of your needs and desires.

Enjoy the Moment

When the kiss finally does happen, just relax and have fun. You did it! You prepared and the kiss is here. Let your fingertips graze the inside of his forearm, or run your fingers through his hair. Smiling into a kiss is perfectly normal, and it’s romantic to pull away and touch foreheads. 

In Summary

This moment is between you and him. Rulebooks go out the window here, so just focus on your connection. During a kiss, you can feel butterflies, fireworks, or even just the sense of being grounded and happy. Regardless, you should always feel safe and set boundaries. 

So, brush your teeth, express your feelings, and be present in the moment. Your love story begins here! Wondering why he is pushing you away when he likes you? Be sure to read my latest post!

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