3 Harmless Questions That Will Awaken His Love And Devotion

How to Know If a Man Loves You

If you’ve ever found yourself laying up at night, chewing your lip and feeling incredible anxiety in your chest because you don’t know if a man truly *loves* you (or is just using you or waiting for something “better” to come along) then you need to ask yourself these questions…

1. Does he make you a priority in his life?

You should be in the top priorities in his life. Maybe not the #1 priority… but you should definitely be in the top 3.

If he’s not making you a top priority in his life, that’s a problem and a strong indication that he doesn’t care that much about you.

2. Does he tell his friends about you and show you off?

A man that is in love will want to show off his girl to his friends and family. He’ll want his friends and family to experience the beautiful and amazing woman that he has in his life.

If he’s separating you from the rest of his life, there’s something that isn’t right going on.

It might be that he’s not that serious about you and it could be that he’s hiding something, not good either way.

3. Does he care about pleasing you?

A man who is in love with a woman will want to please her in a variety of different ways.

The biggest indication is when you’re in bed together. Is he completely focused on his own pleasure or does he care about yours as well?

A great way to know is whether he asks you about what you’re experiencing or what you experienced.

If he doesn’t that’s a bad sign.

4. Does he support you?

A man who’s in love will pay attention to a woman’s thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

He’ll encourage you to feel better and support you in what you’re doing in your life, even if and especially if they’re outside of the relationship.

Jealousy and over-protection isn’t love. Wanting someone to be their best selves is.

5. Are your friends supportive of your relationship with him?

Many times, our friends will know whether a guy is good for us more than we will.

There are exceptions to this but generally speaking, they are better at knowing whether someone is treating us right or not.

If they’re supportive of your relationship with him, that’s a great sign. If they’re not, you may want to take a closer look there.

6. Does he message you to because he’s thinking about you?

When a guy is in love, he’ll spend a lot of time thinking about you (whether he wants to or not).

He might not send you a message saying that he thinks about you but he’ll send you messages out of the blue that SHOW he’s thinking about you.

He might send you a text saying he watching a movie or just to start a conversation with you. If he’s in love, he’ll initiate contact.

If he doesn’t, there’s something else going on.

7. Does he desire you with his eyes?

Men who are in love will want to look at you a lot.

He’ll want to “suck you in” with his eyes. He’ll check you out.

With a romantic love, he’ll still be physically attracted to you and he’ll look at you that way.

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